Godrej 1.5 Ton 5 Star (GWC 18DTC5-WSA) Window AC Review

Godrej is an Indigenous brand known for its production of fantastic home appliances. It has millions of Indians trusting all its products, acting as its consumer base.

The new range of its fixed speed Window Air-conditioner is amazingly efficient. The Godrej 1.5T GWC 18DTC5-WSA Window AC is designed with technology that cools your home and the planet.

This AC comes with R32 refrigerant with zero Ozone depletion potential and low Global Warming Potential.

Power requirements

The Annual consumption of the Godrej Window AC is around 795 Kilowatt Hours, and it has a voltage requirement of 230 Volts. It has a 5-star rating for energy saving.


The Godrej GWC 18DTC5-WSA Window AC has a 1.5-ton capacity, which helps it cool your surroundings smoothly within no time.


The Godrej GWC 18DTC5-WSA AC comes with different modes for better functioning. Some of those are Cool mode, Auto mode, Dry mode, Fan mode, Sleep mode, ECO mode.

 Powerful cooling

The Air conditioner has excellent cooling. It is sturdy and soothing. The Godrej Air conditioner id made up of 100% copper condenser.

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What Do We like

Silent operation

The Godrej 1.5T GWC 18DTC5-WSA Window AC works in absolute silence to help you work and sleep in peace without the generic humming noise that other Air conditioners give.

Precise cooling

The precision of the Godrej 1.5T GWC 18DTC5-WSA Window AC is remarkable. It uses of inverter compressor, which will ensure that you get the temperature that you set on the remote according to your preference.

Anti-dust filter

The smart manufacturing of the Godrej 1.5T GWC 18DTC5-WSA Window AC just saved you hours of servicing and cleaning by having an anti-dust filter pre-installed. This will help remove particles like pollen, hair, pet dander, dust, etc.

Powerful saving

The Godrej 1.5T GWC 18DTC5-WSA Window AC has a twin-rotary inverter compressor. It has 5-star energy saving rating so you can enjoy faster cooling with more energy efficiency

What We Don’t Like

Regular cleaning

The shredded body structure on the front-facing the roo might collect dust over a period from occasional use. It will require regular cleaning even when you do not use it to avoid massive dust collection.


The Godrej 1.5T GWC 18DTC5-WSA Window AC is an appliance made for luxury and comfort. It is highly environment-friendly and gives its best you give you a goodnight’s sleep.

WindowLow on the energy consumption Theis AC will save you money. The synergy of eco-friendliness, cooling, and energy efficiency will become the reason that makes this AC the right choice for you.

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Hetavi Rudani

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