Godrej GSC 18 SGN 3 CWQR 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC Review

Godrej has emerged as one of the leading local manufacturers of appliances and cooling systems in the country. The Godrej 1.5 Ton GSC 18 SGN 3 CWQR, is equipped with features that offer superb durability. The built-in filters will also keep your room free from outside pollutants such as dirt, smoke, and bad odor.

It also runs without consuming a lot of power on eco-mode even if it is a non-inverter type AC. This is absolutely perfect for people with tight budgets and space inside their house because this aircon is compact and will not consume that much space. However, if you want to have the maximum cooling experience, then you can turn on the power cool feature, but it will consume an approx. 5379 watts.


Alloy Condenser Coil

Alloy is known for its being lightweight and durable that is why you will have some sort of assurance that the condenser will not breakdown easily


This feature is responsible for removing the excess moisture in the air to give you the best breathing as much as possible.

Dust Filter

It is an anti-bacterial filter that will remove impurities in the air to give you a better quality of air.

LCD Display

This feature will allow you to see the current status of the air-conditioner, such as its temperature and etc.

Arctic Cool Technology

It gives the air-conditioner the power to cool the room as fast as possible

PFC Condenser with Nano Coating Technology

It protects the condenser from corrosion to make it more durable.

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What Do We like

Low Energy Consumption

It only consumes 1450 watts on eco-mode and has an energy rating of 3 stars that only shows that it is energy-efficient

Low Price

This air-conditioner will not hurt the budget because it is in the affordable price range


It will not deteriorate easily because of the high-quality materials that it is made of.


It emits an r22 refrigerant which is proven to be gentle on our ozone layer

Hassle-Free Maintenance

It does not require you to do any strenuous maintenance on this air-conditioner for it to function well

Quiet Operation

This air conditioner only emits 43 decibels, which are really tolerable, especially when you this air conditioner in the evening.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


This budget-friendly air-conditioner has premium features such as the Alloy Condenser Coil, Dehumidifier, Dust Filter, LCD Display, Arctic Cool Technology, and PFC Condenser with Nano Coating Technology. You can enjoy a cooler and fresher air inside your room in just a matter of minutes.

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