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4K resolution, also called 4K, means that the video resolution is 4000 x 2000 pixels and in popular terms it is known as Ultra HD. This feature is now available in most of the digital appliances like TV or cameras. Particularly in camera, if a camera has 4K clarity then one will receive an image which is sharper than any normal camera and has an edge and will not look like the average digital camera shot. It will give Ultra HD quality results which is an added advantage. In common man’s term, these cameras are of superior quality and will give professional quality results as well. So investing in a 4K camera will be advantageous in many ways.

It is not a common thing for normal people to invest in a 4K camera but the ones that do they know how amazing this can be. It is mostly used by professionals who use it for work but it can be used by anybody. HD quality is great but 4K is even better and having pictures of such quality is great. 4k cameras are slowly becoming popular and are hitting the market by storm. These cameras are ideal for professional as well as casual use.

Types of 4K cameras

There are so many cameras in the market and choosing among them can be quite a difficult task. Even under 4K cameras there are various types available and one can choose among them depending on the requirement.

  • Mirrorless Cameras : The most commonly used 4k cameras and very popular as well. These cameras are small in size, lightweight because there is no mirror and optical viewfinder components. Mirrorless Cameras are very easy to carry around.  These are excellent for both still shots as well as 4K video recording. They have interchangeable lenses and give excellent results.
  • DSLR Cameras : They are very commonly used cameras in the recent times and a favorite of any professional photographer. This camera is amazing as it gives great results with high accuracy and depth. The newer cameras also allow video recording and not just still shots and the quality is incomparable. DSLR cameras offer interchangeable lenses which allow maximum accuracy when capturing stills or filming video.

  • Smartphones : With advancing technology even smartphones are offering 4K quality still shots and recording. The high end smartphones give great results with accurate detailing. If you dont want to invest in a camera then you can invest in a smartphone which will serve both the purposes.

  • Drones : Drone cameras are quite popular as they can be used to shoot in places which is tough for any man to do and so they have become a sensation now. But these drone cameras can not only shoot from difficult places but also shoot and record in 4K quality which is a great feature.

4K Camera Buyer’s Guide

A few things to keep in mind before buying a 4K camera.

Budget :  Setting a budget is extremely important. There are many cameras available with different price tags but choosing among them depends from person to person. Generally, the expensive ones are really good in most of the aspects but if you are a beginner then you can start off by using a budget camera.

Purpose : These cameras are generally used for professional purposes like shooting or clicking high quality pictures but can also be bought otherwise. Some may buy it for clicking photos in general or to keep memories or buy them to use it completely for professional use.

Lens : Camera Lens is an important thing in any camera. A good lens will give better quality results than average cameras and lenses. Lens is the most crucial feature that determines how good the camera is. It can make the picture ten times better if the lens is of a good quality.

Battery : It is an essential thing in any electronic device. A good battery will ensure better performance and can be used for a long time as well. Even with cameras it is the same, if the camera has a good battery life then it can run for a longer time which means that it can be used for a longer time as well.

Remote Control : A camera with a remote control is much easier to handle than any other camera since it becomes portable and can be used in a much better way. A remote control ensures better control and can come in handy during times of use.

Water resistance : The camera which is waterproof can be used in many situations and can be universally used. If it is waterproof then it can be used under water or shoots involving water. Being water resistant can be useful in many ways and can be used in a number of other ways and not just limit to normal uses.

TOP 8 Best Selling 4K Cameras

Here is a list of 10 4K cameras available in the e-commerce sites.

SJ6 Legend

This is a great option to consider in the area of 4K cameras. It has amazing features with a great lens that will help you to capture the perfect shot. It is waterproof and hence can be used anywhere in any extensive weather conditions to make the best out of the situation. It is sturdy and well built and will definitely make a good purchase. 

Features :

  • It has a Wideangle: 166°
  • It is of the panasonic series
  • It has HD support
  • It is waterproof
  • It supports WiFi
  • The memory is expandable upto 128 GB
  • It has a display screen
  • It can be controlled by remote controller as well
  • It has electronic image stabilization feature
  • The lens can be adjusted for a comfortable capture
  • It supports high definition in 4k@24fps interpolation
  • Battery Capacity : 1000mAH
  • 2.0″ LCD touchscreen

Pros :

  • It has lens that can be adjusted according to light
  • Gyro Stabilization
  • Waterproof touch backdoor which is waterproof up to 3 meters.
  • Mic compatibility makes 100% sure that audio level will be strong enough to accompany your coveted video footage.
  • Distortion Correction allows to shoot wide angle videos and photos without the bulging look. There is no need for a 3rd party software editor to post-process.

Cons :

  • There is no night shot function
  • No Bluetooth support



DJI OSMO (NA) Handheld Fully Stabilized 4K 12MP Camera

Another one in this list and definitely one of the best. It has a great camera that is capable of capturing amazing shots. It is compact and small in size which makes it extremely handy to use. It is a US based product and has great reviews as well. It can be used for different purposes like clicking or making videos.

Features :

  • It can be used to record 4K (4096 x 2160) video at 24 or 25P
  • It can capture exceptional raw still photos
  • It can be handled by gimbal controls
  • It is small and compact
  • It can also be used in the manual mode for personalized clicks
  • It has built in microphone as well
  • 6-hour standby time
  • 1 hour of video shooting

Pros :

  • Fully stabilized 4K, 12MP camera optimized for ground use
  • Slow motion and audio recording
  • Tripod-free long exposures
  • Remote camera control
  • Secure grip

Cons :

  • Battery only lasts an hour
  • European plugin with no external adapter



SO91 Ambarella

A great camera in the category of 4K cameras which is capable of recording high quality videos that will be much superior to other mediocre cameras. It supports WiFi which is another added advantage and makes this camera a great choice.

Features :

  • It supports WiFi
  • It has a great lens
  • The 170 degree wide angle  lens
  • It can be used for recording videos as well
  • It can be used for professional level photography
  • It can be used for action based video or photography
  • It is easy to use and carry
  • It is small in size and light weight
  • 2.0’’ Full HD Screen
  • Electronic Image stabilization
  • Optional Remote Control

Pros :

  • 4k*30FPS Ultra HD video quality gives you a real world
  • It has a wide angle lens
  • 60 meters depth waterproof case with WIFI

Cons :

  • In low light, the photographs comes out quite blurry, unless the subject is absolutely still.
  • Average battery life



YI 4K Action Camera with Selfie Stick & Bluetooth Remote

This is another one in this list of 4K cameras and this is an impressive camera. It has all the key features that makes it a great camera. It comes with an additional selfie stick which can come in handy to click instant pictures. It can be used to click and capture photos and videos in full HD. It is small in size and light weight which makes it easy and convenient to carry. 

Features :

  • It records in complete HD quality
  • It has a 160° wide-angle lens with F28 aperture
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • It has a LCD screen for previewing
  • It is compact and light weight
  • It has built in bluetooth
  • It has a remote controller to click instant photos
  • It has Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) to guarantee ultra-clear and stable high resolution video and photo even in low light conditions
  • The added selfie stick is very handy for clicking instant photos
  • Built with the new generation Ambarella A9SE75 chip, Sony IMX377 image sensor, and 7 layers of all glass lenses.

Pros :

  • Records 4K/30fps at 100mbps, 4x the quality of 1080p.
  • It has a remote control and a selfie stick which can be handy for users
  • 7 layers of all glass optical lenses combined with F2.8 large aperture increases light intake to capture crisp and detailed footage.
  • 2.19″ Gorilla Glass LCD screen, resists scratches and daily impact, and is viewable from a 160°angle.

Cons :

  • No mounts and waterproof casing comes along
  • Underwater use is little difficult



Procus Rush

Procus rush is a a great 4K camera as well that has many great features which makes it a great choice for anyone looking to purchase one. It is waterproof and hence actions are not limited. It can be used to click and record high quality pictures and videos. It is ideal for professional works as well.

Features :

  • It is a 4K Ultra HD Action Camera
  • It has got curved mount which is ideal for shooting on the go
  • It is a waterproof camera and is ideal for any water related shoots
  • It comes with many accessories which can be used in different ways
  • It has built in WiFi and HDMi support
  • It comes with 2 batteries and a carry pouch as well
  • It clicks and records everything in 4K quality

Pros :

  • It has WiFi and HDMI support
  • Procus Rush FULL PACK includes 23 Accessories
  • 4K @30fps videos with 16MP photos for incredible photos, which is 4 times the resolution of traditional HD cameras.
  • 100 Feet(30m) waterproof camera. 

Cons :

  • It has an average battery life
  • Stabilisation is poor
  • Sometimes Overheating issue



V-CAM Sports Action Camera 4k 

This 4K camera is a great product and ideal for beginners as well as professionals. It comes with many spectacular features. you can use it to record the events of your everyday life or something special and all of this in HD quality. It is waterproof which makes it pretty much universal and can be used easily anywhere. It comes with many accessories that will enhance your shooting and recording experience.

Features :

  • It can be used for high speed shooting in HD quality
  • It has built in WiFi
  • It is wireless which means it can be controlled easily from phones
  • It is fast and does not slow down or lag
  • It has a LCD screen that allows a quick preview
  • It has a 170-degree wide angle fish-eye lens
  • It can Time Lapse ,Burst Shot and Loop Recording features
  • It is equipped with IP68 waterproof case,durable waterproof to 100 feet
  • It is compatible with android and IOS devices

Pros :

  • High Speed Shooting & Definition: Up to 60fps recording frames rate make a big difference when others only go up to 30fps which enable crisp,clean image and video capture of fast moving objects.
  • Wireless Control which helps in viewing the live images online in minutes.
  • 2-inch LCD Display allows you to Live preview.
  • 170-degree wide angle fish-eye lens won’t miss any of the action going on in front of you.
  • IP68 waterproof case makes it waterproof to 100 Feet.

Cons :

  • It has an average battery life



Romax Action Camera

Another amazing camera in the list which has terrific features and makes a great 4K camera. It is waterproof and can be used in a variety of places to capture the best moments. It has a 30 megapixel camera which makes sure that you get the perfect shot and also in HD quality which has perfection and detailing.



Features :

  • It has a 30 Megapixels camera which enables 4K Ultra HD video recording
  • Loop recording and time lapse recording can be done using this
  • It is waterproof
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • It has Image Stabilization feature as well
  • It is made to record in extreme conditions as well
  • It has a remote controller which makes handling the camera super easy
  • It is compatible with IOS and android devices

Pros :

  • It is compatible with IOS and android devices
  • 30 Megapixels 4K Ultra HD Video Recording 
  • Underwater resistant Upto 30 meters.
  • 170-degree ultra wide-angle lens can capture everything that you desire
  • Support the external MIC
  • 1500 mah Battery

Cons :

  • It has an average battery life
  • Mic quality is not at par



Axeto N6 4K Wifi Action Camera 

This is another 4K camera from this list and has great features. It has a great camera with superb lenses for crystal clear shots every time . It is waterproof which means that it can be used under any situations. It has built in WiFi and a remote controller to make it easy for the user. All these features makes it a great camera and a must buy.

Features :

  • It records in 4K quality
  • It has 7 layers lens
  • It has a 20 megapixel camera
  • It has a 170-Degree Wide-Angle Lens
  • It has a LCD screen for image preview
  • It has an Anti-Shake & Wider display which provides a clearer picture for motion shots
  • It has remote control that can be used to control it easily
  • It is waterproof and can be used under extensive weather conditions
  • It is ideal for extreme sports such as surfing or diving
  • It also gives a gives you a variety of scene-specific modes
  • It comes with additional accessories that makes it easier to shoot

Pros :

  • It is waterproof
  • 4K @24fps . 170-Degree Wide-Angle Lens.
  • Large 2.31-Inch Lcd Touchscreen

Cons :

  • Battery backup is poor
  • Zoom feature is not so good



The above mentioned 4K cameras are really amazing and serve the purpose of the users. It can be used by any beginner as well as a professional photographer or cameraman. All of them are high quality cameras but their prices differ. One can choose any of the above mentioned cameras as per needs and requirements. A 4K camera can give amazing results both in videos as well as still shots.

Most of the cameras are waterproof which means it can be used to shoot or record underwater life and things.

Hence all the above mentioned cameras are highly recommended and will make a great purchase no matter what.



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