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We all need a quick time check, whether at work or on a personal chore. For women, watches are not just an accessory that helps make a statement but a practical gadget that helps them be on their heels to manage work and home with equal ease. In recent times, women increasingly prefer a wristwatch to a piece of jewellery like a bangle or bracelet. Here we have listed some of the best watches for women, and you can select something for yourself or gifting.

1. Swisstone Women’s Watch 

This beautiful silver wristwatch has a rose pink dial with stone studs for showing the time.

It is sleek with an 8 mm stainless steel strap with clasp and can be worn by women on all occasions and is perfect for everyday workwear.

You can buy this quartz watch for yourself and even gift this as the watch comes in a lovely flip-open box with a certificate of authenticity included in it.

2. French Connection Analog Women's Watch-FCN0001F

French Connection analog women’s watch is made from stainless steel for durability. The watch has a quartz movement type with brass material for its case. Its brass bezel also enhances the look.

It has a 36.5-millimetre case that fits perfectly on the wrist. The watch is even water-resistant up to 50 meters. The rose gold colour of the watch adds a classy look to your everyday appearance.

3. Fastrack Women’s Watch

This beautifully designed quartz analogue women’s watch from Fastrack is ideal for women who want to make a bold statement.

It has a clean and visible dial in lavender colour with stylish stick time markers. The band is classic stainless steel with a push-button deployment clasp to adjust the strap as per your wrist size.

This watch is 30M water-resistant. The glass covering is made of high-grade scratch-resistant and durable mineral glass.

4. Fossil Women’s Watch

A beautifully designed stone studded watch with a rose gold dial that will complement your look. You can wear this to your workplace or even to a party or wedding.

This is a quartz analogue watch with a stainless steel case. The case’s diameter is 34 mm. To start the watch, you need to remove the plastic crown.

The watch is also water-resistant up to a 50-meter depth and is suitable for wearing even during swimming in shallow water.

This watch also has chronograph functionality and can be used as a stopwatch. You can also use the quick release pins to change the band as per your style requirement.

5. Timex Women’s Watch

This is an original Timex watch and comes with the authentic high-grade material watch box.

The watch’s frame is made with a stainless steel frame that protects the dial and the watch movement.

The multifunctional dial not only looks classy and beautiful in a rose gold colour and stone studs but offers date display, days display and 24 hours display.

The band is made with sturdy and durable stainless steel in a rose gold colour to match the dial.

It comes with a fold-over push-button deployment clasp or triple lock steel clasp to prevent the watch from slipping and falling off.

This watch has a water resistance capacity of 30 meters that protects the watch from accidental splashes and drizzle.

6. Sonata Women’s Watch

This small dial tonneau-shaped watch is ideal for those looking for something dainty and pretty.

The dial colour is blue, and the stainless steel case shape is tonneau with a diameter of 28 mm.

This quartz analogue is splash resistant and 30 meters depth water-resistant, so next time you accidentally splash water you do not have to worry about damaging your watch.

There is a patent leather band with a tang buckle for clasping.

7. Titan Women’s Watch 

This wristwatch comes in a brass case with a stainless steel band. The band itself is dual-toned (coloured) in silver and gold and has a width of 8 mm.

It has a three-piece sliding clasp for you to wear. The watch case and dial are oval, and the case diameter is 28 mm.

The mineral crystal cover is durable and easy to maintain. Three gold dotted time markers are placed at quarter intervals.

This watch also has a water resistance of 30 meters in depth.


What does ATM on the back of a watch mean?

ATM is a marker for how waterproof or water-resistant your watch is. The expansion of ATM is atmospheres, and, this has no direct link with watches.

1ATM is the normal atmospheric pressure at sea level. But this does not mean that a 10ATM watch is fit for diving in 90 meters deep water.

In the case of watches, the following rule of ATM should be noted:

3ATM – This means your watch is just splash-resistant. So the occasional water splash during hand-wash or when exposed to rain is fine.

5ATM – Watches with this are suitable for swimming, fishing, and other activities that involve shallow water.

10ATM – If you are planning to go for water-sports like snorkelling and swimming, this is ideal.

However, for deep-sea diving, even scuba diving, you need to buy ones that are marked as divers watch.


What is the ideal watch diameter for women?

Generally, women’s wrists are slimmer than men’s, and the average circumference of women’s wrist is 12 to 17cm.

To ensure the watch looks beautiful and fits well, the diameter size of women’s watches ranges from 22 to 34mm.

But there is no ideal diameter as such as many women prefer loud and masculine dials that are bigger while others prefer a daintier version.

The shape and size are aesthetic aspects that are entirely subjective and do not have any functional implications.


Is a bracelet or a strap style band better?

This is again a personal preference, as both look great when paired appropriately with your attire.

The leather straps are suitable for workwear and casual wear, while the bracelet styles usually are suitable for occasions and parties.

But if you can buy watches that have the provision for changing the bands easily with quick release pins you can change it as per the occasion.

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