Why yoga is the best workout?

Yoga is a comprehensive workout that not only nourishes your body but also purifies your mind and soul. 

The benefits of yoga extend way beyond physical fitness. It is a way of living life to its full potential. 

When you do yoga, you just don’t do it, you live it and experience it with every breath you inhale.

Let’s explore a few benefits of Yoga as the best workout regimen.

Yoga heals the mind, body, and spirit

Yoga comprises stretching postures that keep your body in shape and provides an efficient workout for various body parts.

The meditative asanas of yoga allow you to practice mindfulness and embrace the present moment with positivity.

Yoga breathing exercises tame your endless thoughts and teach you to become aware of your every breath. It provides a tremendous calming and soothing effect.

Thus, yoga heals your mind, body, and spirit like no other workout.

Yoga provides a comprehensive workout

While the gym workout focuses primarily on your cardio exercises and muscles strengthening; yoga provides complete work out of entire body systems.

The yoga postures involve stretching, twisting, and bending body and its various parts. It results in stronger muscles and improved blood circulation.

It enhances the flexibility and activates the dormant components of various body systems such as the circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system, etc.

Yoga detoxifies body systems, improves concentration, and enhances memory. Every yoga posture or asana provides immense health benefits for a wide variety of body organs.

Yoga promotes self-contemplation

Yoga comes with numerous breathing techniques and meditative asanas. It teaches you to practice mindfulness. 

When you focus on every inhalation and exhalation, you become aware of your every breath. It promotes the habit of self-contemplation.

While the gym has mirrors of looking at your external body, yoga allows you to visualize yourself from within and watch your thoughts keenly.  

Yoga can be practiced anywhere

Yoga does not have any limitations of equipment and space. You can practice yoga postures anytime and anywhere. 

Even when you lay down on your back in complete relaxation on the yoga mat, you are practicing a shavasan or Yoga Nidra.

All you need is a small space on your roof, park, or floor in your room for laying down your yoga mat and you are ready for yoga postures. 

Yoga serves as a great stress-buster 

Yoga serves as a potent stress-buster by harmonizing your mind, body, and soul. It aligns your mind and body on the path of liberating yourself.

As you unwind yourself with yoga postures, your mind experiences a deep state of calmness and relaxation. 

Yoga involves exercising control over your breaths. It releases tension stored in your hips and shoulders. With every exhalation, you feel like releasing your worries and stress. 

Many yoga postures teach you to de-clutter your mind and gradually reduce your stress levels. 

Yoga keeps you in shape

Practicing yoga postures involves lots of stretching and bending. This workout burns your calories and tones your muscles by strengthening them.

Yoga leads to rapid weight loss in overweight people. It alters your attitude towards life which inspires you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and dietary habits.

Yoga opens the doors of immense possibilities by unlocking the hidden potential within ourselves. The target of weight loss seems easily achievable. 

As it works on your mental approach along with physical workout, it leads to effective weight loss. Thus yoga imparts leaner appearance and keeps your body in shape. 

Yoga reduces body pains 

Practicing yoga postures purifies your body by removing the blockages and opening the energy channels. The stretching exercises strengthen the muscles and enhance flexibility. 

Thus, yoga helps in maintaining the health of muscles and joints. It effectively reduces the body pains by enhancing the blood circulation in the affected area.

While gym workout leaves you with soreness, injuries, or body pain; yoga exercises enhance muscular strength and flexibility leading to reduced pain.

Yoga also teaches the correct body postures and proves to be extremely beneficial in relieving symptoms of back pain and other incorrect sitting postures. 

Yoga is an efficient workout

Yoga provides an efficient workout routine. Without any external equipment, you can bring about the mesmerizing transformation within yourself.

While the gym has separate tools for working each body part, yoga utilizes your body weight as the weights for strengthening the muscles and reducing body weight. 

Yoga employs your entire body in its every asana ranging from core-centric postures to numerous other postures. It brings about balance and stability in your body. 

It serves as a highly efficient workout as it works on the physical, mental and subtle levels, all at once.

Yoga prevents injury

Yoga prevents injuries by building flexibility and strengthening the muscles. Even if you got injured, yoga helps you to stage a speedy recovery by engaging in rebuilding at deeper levels.

It teaches us to be fully aware and mindful by uniting our minds and body. 

Practicing awareness through yoga allows you to take actions that are in perfect sync and harmony with your surroundings.

You move around being fully aware and avoid any injuries or accidents caused by absent-mindedness.

Moreover, yoga prevents muscles wear-off and maintains healthy joints that absorb shocks easily and avoid injuries.

Yoga is for everyone

Everybody can practice yoga from kids to elderly people. 

Yoga has hundreds of postures. You will always find some yoga asanas that suit your age, and health conditions.

There are specific yoga postures that are meant for curing serious health ailments ranging from diabetes to cancer. 

Yoga is inexpensive

Unlike your gym, yoga is an inexpensive workout alternative. It feels easy on your pocket. All you need to invest in yoga is yourself only.

You simply need to procure a yoga mat, a loose t-shirt, and track pants to get started.

There are many free online yoga videos available. Practice the asanas regularly to attain perfection.


Yoga helps you to unwind and unlock the subtle energy centers or chakras inside your body which provide immense subtle energy for empowering your mind, body, and intellect. 

With a huge variety of postures or asanas being practiced in yoga, it is arguably the best healer of almost every healthy, material, or spiritual problem on this planet.

So, embrace yoga as the best workout for your mind, body, and spirit.


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