Why stepper machines are the best workout for arthritis?

The excruciating pain experienced due to arthritis in the joints while moving and bending effectively restricts your movements.

It not only curbs your freedom of movement but also leads to weight gain and other health complications associated with a lack of bodily movement.

Battling your way through painful osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis requires you to courageous and adopts a regular exercise regimen.   

You need proper exercise equipment that is designed for a workout of arthritis patients. And the stepper machine is one of them.

Why exercise is necessary for arthritis patients

Regular exercise is necessary for maintaining a healthy body. It builds up the muscles around the joints and increases flexibility in movements of body parts.

The same holds true for arthritis patients also.  With regular exercise, these patients develop endurance for movement and gain muscular strength in the affected region.

Moreover, the exercise also helps in weight control for healthy living with arthritis. 

To begin with, you should go for a moderate level workout to avoid triggering your joint pain. 

Start with brisk walking and if comfortable gradually move up and down the stairs.

Consult with your rheumatologist to confirm if you can include stepper machines with varying speed and intensity settings in your workout regimen.

What are the stair stepper machines?

A stair stepper machine is a workout gadget that allows the users to step on its foot platforms, which are automated, to move up and down, and thereby simulates the action of climbing stairs. 

These stepper machines ensure excellent aerobic workout for strengthening knee muscles around knee joints. 

Moreover, the workout leads to weight loss and reduced stress on knee joints while walking.

These machines are commonly found in gyms and fitness clubs. You can get a home-based model also. 

Things to consider before buying stepper machines for arthritis patients

For arthritis patients, the stepper machines come with adjustable speed and intensity settings to suit one’s comfort level during a workout. 

They also feature handrails for support and stability.

Arthritis patients suffer from joint pain and inflammation. Depending on the body parts inflicted by pain, patients use the stair stepper machine in different ways.

Those suffering from pain in back, hips, or joints in the legs need to take special care to avoid too much strain during a workout.

Before you begin to use stepper machines, consult your rheumatologist to determine if it is appropriate for your workout routine or if you need to take any precautions.

Reasons for using a stepper machine for arthritis

Strengthens the muscles

Using stepper machines for workout strengthens the muscles around your knee joints. It bodes well for your knee health. 

These strong muscles in your leg including calf muscles, hamstrings, and quadriceps provide optimal support for your knee joints. 

It also ensures stability for the knee and provides ample resistance against any knee injury. 

Using stepper would activate the same muscles we use while climbing the stairs including the muscles in the hip, ankle, and knee. 

Reduces body weight

The stepper machines provide an excellent aerobic workout option for arthritis patients. 

It allows them to burn their significant calories through regular exercise with this supporting machine. 

The aerobic workout rapidly reduces the excess weight of arthritis patients. 

This also benefits your knees as they have less weight to carry and do not endure much stress. 

Avoids knee problems

Exercising on a stepper helps to reduce the problems associated with osteoarthritis. 

With regular workout, you can also manage the pain with knee joints as it strengthens the knee muscles and enhances their endurance level. 

Moreover, the stepper workout also increases the range and reach of the knee movements. 

Low impact workout

The stepper machines can be adjusted as per the specific needs of the individual. You can tune in the desired speed and intensity settings. 

The low-impact workout on steppers assists your body to safely survive the sudden shocks due to intense workout sessions.

Maintains your shape

You can also maintain your body shape with stepper exercises. 

It develops and strengthens the muscle tone around fat accumulating areas of your body including buttocks, thighs, and hips.

This way you can still keep your shape while managing your arthritis.


Manage your arthritis without compromising on your quality of life by choosing a stepper machine. It ensures awesome aerobic workout, keeps you healthy, and maintain your fitness levels. 

You must exercise caution before selecting a stepper machine. There is a wide range of stepper machines available in the market and each one comes with unique features. 

Consult with your rheumatologist to find out the best machine suitable for your workout requirements.


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