Whirlpool Whitemagic Premier 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Review

This Whirlpool 6.5kg washing machine will clean your clothes and remove any stubborn stains. It is one of the best Whirlpool washing machines. It comes with an Express Wash Technology that washes your clothes within half the time a regular washing machine would wash clothes. It also has a smart hardware software that allows your detergent work better to make your clothes brighter and cleaner. Dynamix Technology allows your detergent to mix properly so that no detergent residue is left between your clothes after washing. This Whirlpool Whirlpool 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic washing machine comes with a 2-year warranty while its motor carries 10 years warranty.

Control Panel

You don’t need any special knowledge to operate this washing machine. The control panel has large buttons and displays to show you what each button does. You can easily tell the functions of all the buttons while you wash them.

3D Spring Loaded Scrub

The smart scrubber takes away the stress of having to do the scrubbing with your hands. This Whirlpool model has an agipeller that comes with 3D spring-loaded scrub pads to remove stubborn stains from your clothes.

Hot Water Wash Program

The washing machine also has a hot water program that helps you dissolve your detergents evenly in the clothes for a cleaner and brighter wash.

ZPF Technology

The ZPF Technology allows your tub to quickly fill up in half the time it would normally take. This also comes in handy when you are experiencing low water pressure. It would save you time.

Smart Technology

The machine also has a smart sensor that automatically detects when your voltage is low. It also detects the type of fabric you are washing and when you are loading the washing machine. It also shows you how much detergent to add for washing the number of clothes to be washed. This Whirlpool washing machine removes any lint on its own by flushing down water through the lint filter when washing.

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What Do We like

Smart Technology

Smart Technology such as smart lint filters and sensors makes it much easier to wash clothes without any worry about clothes being damaged.


Express wash makes washing faster by 50% hence, saving water, effort and time.


It barely makes any noise when you are washing clothes giving you a peaceful experience.

What We Don’t Like


The size of the tub is a bit small.


This 6.5kg washing machine is ideal for a family of four. It is very easy to use and you can easily read all the directions on the large buttons of your washing machine. The washing machine will not take up space in your home as it is built in a compact design. The overall performance of this washing machine is great and it comes with a long-lasting motor.

We recommend that you buy this washing machine because you will enjoy using it for a long time. It would scrub your clothes clean and will also be gentle on your fabric. The washing machine can take out very stubborn stains and will remove all the dirt on your clothes.

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