Tips To Prevent Water-borne Diseases


Reports indicate that more people die out of water-borne diseases than any other form of ailments. Water-borne diseases include botulism, malaria, cholera, dengue, scabies, typhoid, polio, hepatitis, and lead poisoning besides a long list of other conditions.

The use of contaminated water is the reason for all these water-borne diseases. Save your family from these deadly water-borne diseases by using clean and hygienic water for drinking and cooking.

Install an RO water purifier

The least you could do to prevent water-borne diseases is to install an RO water purifier in your home. This will go a long way in protecting your family from most of the water-borne diseases.

Regularly test the water quality

If you have installed an RO water purifier periodically check the water quality. Change the filters in a timely fashion.  

Boil the water

If you are not able to install an RO water purifier or are in a place where this facility is not available, boil the water you use for drinking.

Use safe water to wash fruits and vegetables

Use only boiled or treated water to wash fruits that you eat with skin/peels and vegetables that you eat raw as in salads.

Sanitize water storage containers

RO treated water or boiled water should be stored in clean containers. Storing treated water in unclean containers will defeat the purpose of water treatment.

Select your swimming pools with caution

If you happen to use public pools or Jacuzzis, make sure that you are selecting them with utmost care. The water in these facilities should be treated with chlorine. 

No swallowing of pool water

Do not swallow pool water even if it is treated water. Teach your children also the same.

Overhead water storage tank cleaning

Have a yearly timetable to clean your overhead water storage tank. Monthly cleaning would be ideal. 

No stagnant water puddles

Make it a point to inspect the surroundings of your house to ensure that there are no stagnant puddles of water. Stagnant water will invite mosquitos that cause deadly diseases. 

Drink adequate water

Not drinking sufficient water will cause dehydration-based diseases.

Ensure safe distance from drinking water and drainage pipelines

This often becomes the reason for water contamination in crowded cities and areas with inadequate sanitization facilities.

Avoid using store-bought ice cubes and ice blocks for any form of consumption

We could never be sure what kind of water is used for making the ice blocks. In most cases, they are handled and transported in unhygienic conditions. 

Do not take ice cream that has turned bad

When ice cream turns bad, it will become gooey. Stay away from such ice cream products. 

Do not drink water sold in water trolleys

During summer, cold water is sold along the street sides. Avoid the temptation to drink water from such water trolleys. 

Carry your own water

As much as possible, carry your own water in a copper bottle wherever you go because copper has multiple health benefits


we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of using clean and uncontaminated water. Remember, this is not just a single time endeavor, but it is a lifelong practice. 

You will be able to save yourself from a series of health problems and expensive medical bills by adhering to hygienic practices. 

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