10-inch Tablets

Although tablets came into the market soon after smartphones, their popularity has gone up just recently. Most users prefer a tablet over a smartphone because of the size of the screen. They also prefer a tablet over a laptop due to the portability and weight.

A tablet, therefore, comes in handy for people who desire to have a bigger screen with all the features of a laptop or desktop.

A 10-inch tablet is, therefore, the perfect choice for you since it has all of the features and is portable and light. Many brands offer tablets of this size like Samsung, Acer, etc. Before you purchase a tablet, ensure to go through the buying guide to ensure you make the right decision. 

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What to consider before purchasing a 10-inch tablet

Before you buy a 10-inch tablet, it is essential to know why you need the gadget. Do you need it for work or entertainment? Is it for children, or is it for school? You will then know what to look out for.

  • Operating system

What operating system do you want to use for your tablet? You could choose either Android or iOS based on your purpose of purchase.

  • Accessories

Do you need a keyboard? The purpose of purchase determines the answer to this question. If you are buying a tablet for entertainment, then you might not require a keyboard. However, if you are used to working with a keyboard and want the tablet for work, you might consider having one.

  • Price

The price of your 10-inch tablet is vital since this is what will determine the features. The more expensive your tablet is, the more features you are likely to get.

What are the features of a 10-inch tablet?

The tablet has a 2GB RAM and a 1.83GHZ processor. It also comes with a 32 GB internal memory that can be expanded up to 128GB. All these means that you can operate your tablet without any time lags

It has a detachable keypad.

Most of the 10-inch tablets have a 12MP rear and 7MP front cameras that capture photos of high quality.

A 7000mAh battery is available in a few of the expensive 10-inch tablets. The battery can last a whole day when fully charged.

The tablet can connect with the Bluetooth and is Wi-Fi enabled. You can also share across screens with Quick Connect that allows you to connect your tablet to your smart tv. This feature is available on some brands only.  

The tablet also has many apps for children, and with a parental control feature, you can limit the sites your kids can visit.

You can open many apps at the same time with a 10-inch tablet.


When purchasing a tablet, you want a device that is powerful enough to perform all the tasks, and also one that is light and portable enough to carry around. A 10-inch tablet is not only powerful and light, but it also gives you a variety of choices depending on your needs.

Write down your reason for purchase, the most important specifications and your budget and will find the perfect 10-inch tablet for you.