Android Tablets

A tablet computer is a mobile device that operates like a computer. It has a mobile operating system and a touchscreen.

A tablet resembles a smartphone, but it is a bit bigger than a phone and slightly smaller than a computer. The screen is operated by the use of fingers and a stylus (digital pen), unlike a computer that uses a mouse.

An Android tablet is, therefore, a tablet that operates using Android’s operating system. Google Play Store is the main application store for an Android tablet. Although it is not a phone, some tablets can be used to make calls using Wi-Fi networks.

Before you purchase a tablet, ensure to go through the buying guide to ensure you make the right decision. 

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Why you should consider Android Tablets

With a good number of people operating businesses on the move, tablets have become a must-have in almost all organizations. An Android Tablet is also a good gadget for your kids as it makes them enjoy games and other children’s stuff on a big screen. Some of the advantages of the Android tablet are:

You can use the tablet on the move

An Android tablet is light and portable therefore you can easily pack it even when on holiday and use it while on the move.

No training required

Since most people are familiar with the Android operating systems, once you purchase a tablet, you do not need any training to use it. If you are already using a smartphone then an Android tablet is easy to use


Android tablets are more affordable than many of the other tablets in the market. 

Easy to create apps

Android apps are written in Java, which makes it easier for you to create apps that you can use for your firm making your employees more efficient. Google play store also has many apps to choose from. There is an app suitable for people of all ages.

More choice tablets

The android operating system is more versatile and can adapt to many kinds of platforms. There are, therefore, very many tablets that use the OS, making it easier for you to get the right tablet based on your preference.

Can run on low systems requirements

The system requirements of an Android tablet are very low, and therefore the OS can run on tablets that have very low ratings and still work well.

Constant updates

Android’s operating system improves continuously due to the frequent updates available. You can be assured, therefore, of better performance always.

What features should you look for in an Android tablet?


Look for an Android tablet that has enough memory to enable you to multi-task. A good tablet should be able to keep active applications running in the background while you are using other apps. Some tablets also have expandable memories, so check out that as well.

Good Quality Video 

A tablet with a good quality video will ensure you enjoy playing video games when you need to. Get a tablet with the best GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).


Your Android Tablet should be fast enough for you to enjoy the various apps. 

Size of the Screen

Android tablets are available in different sizes allowing you to choose your preferred size. You can also select the density and resolution.

Convenience in connecting with other devices

For you to fully enjoy your tablet, look for one that has all connectivity like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a USB port that can connect to a computer and a port that can connect your headphones.


To have clear photos, look for an Android tablet that has a larger megapixel to get quality pictures.

Battery Life

The life of your Android tablet is crucial as it will determine how convenient your tablet is. Consider buying a tablet that has a balanced battery life and charging time. The battery should take lesser time to charge and last longer.

Able to upgrade OS regularly

The Android operating system constantly upgrades, so purchase a tablet that can update the OS regularly.


At the end of the day, the kind of Android tablet you purchase will be determined by the purpose of your purchase. Although adults can use almost the same tablets, there are a few tablets for children who have parental control features.

In this era of digitalization, owning an Android tablet is a perfect way of staying in touch with the digital world. You can check e-mails, play games, read a book and browse all at the comfort of your home.

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