Huawei MediaPad T5 Tablet Review

Huawei is a multinational tech company based in Shenzhen. They are one of the best and leading tech companies all over the world. They manufacture many electronic gadgets such as smartphones, modems, and tablets too.

This Mediapad T5 from Huawei is one of the best products in the mid-range section. It has many features to offer and the quality of the product is also top-notch. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know more about the product.



This Huawei tablet comes with a 32GB built-in memory installed. You can expand the memory size up to 256gb with a micro sd card using the dedicated card slot. Storing your important data is not an issue anymore.

Thin and lightweight

This is a very thin device from Huawei. It is so light that it weighs around 460 grams only. The premium looking tablet is very durable and is a metal body that shines. The thickness of this tablet is only 7.8mm, which means you can carry it easily anywhere with you. The outer body is made of solid plastic and is very sturdy.

Eye comfortable mode

The harmful blue light of any computer screen, or mobile or our tablets affects our eyes, especially at night. This Huawei tablet has the eye comfort feature that reduces the harmful blue light and turns on the reading mode that is not harmful to your eyes and is ideal for reading or doing anything on the tablet at night time.

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What Do We like

1080P Display

The display size of this Huawei tablet is 10.1 inches. This Mediapad comes with a 1080p (1920×1080) resolution display with the aspect ratio of 16:10. This widescreen display makes every videos, movie, and pictures look better and enhances your viewing experience. The IPS display with 224 pixels per inch (PPI) shows you everything with great detail and rich colors.

Dual speakers

The sound system of this tablet is pretty insane. This comes with dual stereo speakers built-in that delivers you high-quality sound. The Huawei Histen audio technology creates every audio effect of any given music and provides you with multi-layered surround sound.

The bass is pretty decent and it is very loud. You can listen at a higher volume without thinking about sound clarity as well. All over this will give you an immersive sound experience.

Children’s corner

There are some pre-installed apps on the tablet that offers a fun place for kids to play and learn many new things using those apps. They are very user-friendly and you can customize in the settings deciding how long they are gonna be using the tablet and the apps too.

Battery backup

This Mediapad tablet is equipped with a powerful 5100 mAh battery which lasts very long. You can easily watch 1080p videos for straight 10-12 hours in one full charge only. On average this tablet will provide you with a 20-hour battery back up (Depending on the usage and screen brightness). This also has power-saving technology, if you turn that on then your battery will last for 2-3 hours more than usual.

Android version

This latest device of 2019 comes with Android 8.0 that is designed for smooth performance. This helps the device to execute every task more intelligently and the apps load faster when you turn on the device. This version of android is fast and intuitive as well as bugs free.


The performance of this device with this high-end specifications is pretty insane. The powerful 2.36GHz octa-core processor executes everything command flawlessly. 3GB Ram of this tablet helps while you are multi-tasking. 1080p display makes sure you see everything with great detail and the battery back up is so long that you won’t need a charger anytime soon if the device is fully charged. Apart from all this, there are various kid-friendly features in this device that comes handily from time to time.

What We Don’t Like

Camera quality

The major con of this mid-ranged tablet is that there is no front-facing camera in this. You cannot do a video call using this powerful Mediapad tablet. The rear camera is 2MP that is not the best but is decent. The front-facing camera could’ve made this device a whole package.


This Huawei Mediapad tablet is full of features at this price range. The only con of not having any front-facing camera might be an issue if you are planning it to use it for your work purposes and needs video calling feature too.

Otherwise, this con is negligible seeing the rest of the specifications of the tablet. It is a great deal at this range, the performance of this device is insane and most of all it is an updated model. Must buy this product if you are going to use it for personal purposes. This is a good value for money.

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