Tablets under INR 30,000

When purchasing a tablet, one of the main things you should consider is the price. A tablet under INR 30,000 is easily available in India from all the top brands. 

Most of the latest tablets are equipped with almost all the features you would find in a smartphone but are advantageous since they have a larger screen.

Although features may change a bit based on the manufacturers, you will find most of the main specifications are the same within that price range. Before you purchase a tablet/ipad, ensure to go through the buying guide to ensure you make the right decision. 

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Specifications of a tablet under INR 30,000

  1. With this tablet, you can make calls.
  2. Due to the high-resolution screen, the images are clearer. It has 1600-2560 pixels
  3. The screen is also sharp, enabling you to watch videos easily and also makes it easier to read texts.
  4. The camera is of high resolution with 13Mp, has an LED flash, an 8MP front camera allowing you to take clear photos, and do video recording.
  5. The tablet supports 4K video recording, which means you can record special memories and scenes and share with loved ones.
  6. Tablets under INR30,000 have a 4GB of RAM. You can, therefore, run many applications at the same time without interfering with the speed.
  7. The device is both 3G and 4G enabled, which allows you to connect to the internet quickly regardless of the area you are at.
  8. The tablet is Wi-Fi enabled and also supports hotspot, which means you can use the hotspot and can connect your device with the laptop to still enjoy the internet. 
  9. You can unlock your tablet using your fingerprint since it has a fingerprint sensor. You can also unlock using your face since it also has a face recognition unlock system. This makes your device safe.
  10. Because your tablet supports HDMI, you can stream videos using an HDMI cable by connecting the cable to your digital TV.
  11. The long battery life of up to eleven hours of talk time.
  12. If you want to connect to other devices like headphones, then you need not worry since this tablet has a 3.55mm Headphone Jack. You can also connect t many other devices at the same time.

Below is a little comparison that shows you what features you would miss if you bought a slightly cheaper tablet.

Tablets under INR 30000 Vs Tablets under INR 20000

Tablets under INR 30000Tablets under INR 20000
You Can make callsYou can make calls
Bluetooth enabledNot Bluetooth enabled
Supports HDMIDoes not support HDMI
3.55mm of headphone JackNot available


Although some of the features you may need on a tablet will be determined by your reason for purchase, it is evident from the little comparison above you will get a lot more with a budget of INR 30000. 

A tablet under INR 30,000 is loaded with a lot of features that will make you enjoy your gadget regardless of the reason for purchase.