Tablets Under INR 10,000

In this era of internet and technology upgrades, almost everyone wants a piece of the new advancement in gadgets. 

Tablets under INR 10,000 are available in the market if your budget is not so high. You will still enjoy an enhanced viewing experience that is better than a smartphone. Before you purchase a tablet, ensure to go through the buying guide to ensure you make the right decision. 

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What to expect from Tablets under INR 10,000

Although different brands have different designs and functionality, most tablets under INR 10,000 have the below specifications.

  • Design

The tablets have a sleek design, are compact and lightweight with a polished metallic finish.

  • Display

The tablet has an 8-inch screen. Most of the tablets within this range have a screen with a 1280 x 800 pixels resolution making your viewing experience enjoyable. The viewing experience is further enhanced by dual speakers with stunning sound effects.

  • Long Battery life

With a long battery life of 4800 mAH, you can enjoy using your tablet for a more extended period.

  • Performance

Most tablets have 8 GB of internal memory, allowing you to store many apps and games. The device also has a 2 GB RAM, The storage is expandable up to 128 GB. You are, therefore, able to enjoy multitasking and switch between functions without any holdup. 

  • Parental Control

The parental control features on your tablets allow you to provide for your children a friendly free environment to enjoy the device. You are assured that your children are privy to only what you have allowed. The feature also lets you track what kids are watching and the time they are spending on the internet.

  • Camera

With a 5 MP camera and 2 MP front camera, you can capture videos and photos with your tablet. You can then share and store all your memories safely.

  • Eye Protection

This feature helps you take care of your eyes by reducing the blue light on your device, ensuring that you only use the right amount of brightness and tone.

  • Split Screen

Imagine being able to play a game and respond to a message without having to pause the game! You can do this with some tablets under INR 10,000 by Lenovo.


Although most top brands are working towards upgrading the smartphones, if you are looking to improve productivity and manage your business on the go, you need a tablet.

With its large screen and child lock features, you can use your tablet with your children without worrying about the sites you do not want them to access. Other features within this budget are FM radio, fingerprint sensor, and loudspeaker.

Tablets under INR 10,000 have the essential features with top brands like Alcatel, Lenovo, and Samsung competing to give the best.