Apple Ipads

Apple is one of the most popular brands known for designing, manufacturing and selling computer software, computers, and computer peripherals. It is an American company that was started in 1976 and has its headquarters in California.

Some of the company’s popular products include iPhone smartphone, iPad tablet computer, Mac personal computer, iPod, Apple smartwatch, Apple digital TV and many others. The software comprises iOS, iPad OS and TV OS, among others.

Apple is set to open its first store in India by the year 2020. The two new stores will be set up in New Delhi and Mumbai. Currently, Apple distributes its products in India through brand stores.

Apple is said to be the home of tablets. It has different ranges of iPads like

  1. iPad Pro-Line
  2. iPad Air
  3. iPad Mini
  4. iPad Line

Apple iPads have different specifications, but they all run on the iPad iOS Operating System, which makes the gadgets work well for entertainment and work. 

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What are some of the specifications on an Apple iPad?

  1. The new iPads have up a 10.5-inch retina display. They also have a full-size smart keyboard.
  2. Most iPads have a file app that helps you manage all your documents in one convenient place. You can also efficiently multi-task with an iPad. You can edit a document, surf the internet and make a call at the same time.
  3. The Apple iPads have an option of using the onscreen Keyboard or the smart keyboard to make your presentations and typing easier. This feature is found in the iPad 10.2 inch launched recently.
  4. The iPads also have an Apple pencil that helps you take notes easily. The Apple pencil is capable of sketching since it has a natural feel just like an ordinary pencil.
  5. The Apple iPads are loaded with Apps that are not only fun to use but also educational. You can learn a language, or a musical instrument, or even compose a piece of music using the apps.
  6. If you love playing games, then Apple has you sorted with the Apple arcade, which is a games subscription with over 100 games for your enjoyment. Most iPads also allow you to pair your device with a play station or MFI game controller for ultimate fun.
  7. With an 8MP back camera or the HD front camera, you will be able to not only capture high quality photos, but you will also be able to edit them on the large screen. The Apple iPad allows you to add effects, filter and crop photos to your satisfaction.
  8. With Apple iPads, you enjoy up to 10 hours of battery life. The iPad also has a first Wi-Fi connection.

Apple USP

Apple was built on strong leadership and the legacy left behind by its founder. Steve Jobs has made it one of the most trusted brands. 

Apple’s Operating System has also given it a lead with the competitors, and the company’s dedication to innovations in technology has put it ahead of its competitors.

 These are some of the unique selling points of Apple. Apple also takes privacy and data protection of its customers very seriously

Apple iPads can easily be connected to other devices. The iPads are also stable and have a first operating system with an App Store that is reliable.

 The new 10.2 retina iPad is also built to help everyone enjoy the technology since it is fitted with a voice controller and a magnifier. 

This is to help the consumer with a hearing and vision challenge to be able to use the device easily. 

All Apple iPads have a secure sign in to all the apps and websites, ensuring you are secure on the web. These make Apple tablets stand out from the competitors.


Apple is a reliable company built with the consumer in mind. It is a loyal brand that cares about its customers in both big and small ways.

 With its famous slogan of “Think Different” you can be sure that when you buy Apple, you are buying from a brand that will challenge you to think differently.