Zebronics Zeb- Igloo Multimedia Speaker Review

Zebronics monitors the latest developments in the field of technology and innovates suitable products for its consumers. One of such product we are reviewing by Zebronics is the Zebronics Igloo 2.0 Multimedia Speaker. This speaker is compatible with Desktop, Mobile devices, and Laptops. The speaker is USB powered and it also comes with a 3.5mm audio jack. This 3.5mm jack allows the speakers to be connected to other devices like portable media players, mobile phones, and more.



This speaker 2.0 channel and a frequency response between 250Hz – 20KHz. It has an impedance of 4 ohms and a signal to noise ratio of 68dB. It weighs 320 grams and has a dimension of 71 x 86 x 90 mm. It comes with a power of 5 watts and a voltage of 5V.


The design of this device is flawless and it comes with a variety of colors. The colors include Black, Orange, Blue, and Purple. Most of these colors come with a white combination. It is beautiful and elegant to use.

USB powered

This device comes with a USB feature. This feature allows the device to be used on other devices like Mobile phones, Laptop, and Desktop.

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What Do We like

Volume control

It comes with volume control to conveniently adjust the volume of the music. This feature is useful especially when you don’t want to listen to a sound.


The quality of these speakers is good. They produce high-quality sound and they’re powered by USB to deliver the best for desktop/laptop usage. It helps to enhance your experience by delivering the best sound and it comes with a cool and stylish design.


This device is affordable and brings good value for your money.

What We Don’t Like

No negative point so far.


The build quality for the speaker is excellent and can be used efficiently in a small space. The product is light weighted and portable. The volume is loud and the in-built control is easy to use. This device doesn’t distort much at full volume and it can be powered through a USB port.

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