Intex IT-2650 Digi Plus FMUB Multimedia Speaker Review

Intex helps to improve the lives of its consumers by using the latest technology and smart value products. One of such product by Intex we are reviewing is the Intex IT-2650 Digi Plus FMUB 4.1 Multimedia Speaker.

This speaker comes with Bluetooth, AUX, FM, and USB. It comes with a fully functional remote that allows you to control the device at your convenience. The speaker comes with an eye-catching design and a high-quality sound. It gives you the power to connect and enjoy your music on the go.


Classy design

The design of this device is top-notch. It comes with an exciting blend of ABS Glossy finish in the front and matte finish on the sides. The device also has an elegant finish, which makes it stand out from other devices, adding to your home decor look.


This device is compatible with devices like tablet, desktop, laptop, and more. It comes with several connecting options, which allows you to connect the devices easily and quickly.


The capacity of this device is great. It has an output and input jack RCA Jack with a 4.1 audio channel. The device comes with a power output of 20W and an impedance of 4 ohms.

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What Do We like

Sound quality

The device comes with excellent sound quality. The bass, the mid-tones, and treble come out good, and it provides the best musical experience whenever it is used.


These speakers are good and don’t develop a fault easily. It keeps your music running for hours without any issue. It comes with four sets of speakers and long-range wires for easy connection.

LED display

It has a red LED display for comfort and convenience. The display is also elegant, and it showcases the operation of the device.

What We Don’t Like

No negative review observed.


These are excellent with awesome sound quality. The sound is clear, and the bass is good. The ensures quality sound experience whenever it is used.

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