F&D IT180X TV Soundbar Review

F&D make sure their products are built with quality materials for optimal user satisfaction. One of such product by F&D we are reviewing is the F&D IT180X TV Soundbar. This speaker comes with a 4.0 Bluetooth version and an operational range of 15 meters.

It comes with a plug and plays a USB card that supports MP3 or WMA dual format decoding. This speaker has a crystal clear sound and thumping bass.



It comes with a slim design that matches your screen size. It comes with a pleasant decoration with a sound system that compliments your environment. The speaker can be placed on a tabletop, and it is also mountable.


This device supports all smart devices using CSR 4.0 Bluetooth solution approved by SIG. It matches perfectly with 60-inch screens and also supports various input types. You can still play your music through Bluetooth, Coaxial, Optical, and USB.


It has a front panel controls and LED light to indicate Aux mode, Standby mode, Muted mode, TV. The remote control allows you to change its setting at a distance.

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What Do We like

Quality sound

It comes with an excellent sound and a 3D surrounding sound for optimal cinematic entertainment. The device has a 1-inch silk tweeter for high definition sound and high-quality 3-inch full-range driver.


The shape is nice and lovely. It can be kept on a tabletop or wall-mounted. The device is sleek and convenient to control.

What We Don’t Like


The speaker does not have memory to save the setting so everytime the user will have to change the setting every time.


This speaker has a remote control for easy volume and Bass control. The Bass is very good, even without an external subwoofer. It has a 3D surrounding sound for cinematic entertainment. It supports Bluetooth A2DP profile, which allows you to pair your Bluetooth device to the speakers simply.

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