Nova NSM 2403 Sandwich Maker Review

Nova is among the trusted brands by more people due to its quality products. Nova brand has nationwide dealers, retail outlets, and service networks. This brand has it is the concentration on technology advancement and ease of use.

Nova NSM 2403 sandwich maker is a product from Nova Company. It is available in an attractive black and grey appearance with the company logo at the top. This product has a compact design. With the handle, you will comfortably operate with the product.


Nova NSM 2403 sandwich maker requires a power rating of 750 watts. With the power of 750W, you will be able to make a delicious sandwich efficiently.

Voltage operation

Its operating voltage is 220 to 240 volts.

Thermostat control

With a thermostat control feature, your sandwich will have uniform cooking, and the plates will automatically be switched off once heated.


This product is fitted with an ergonomic handle, which allows easier operation. The handle also makes it simple for one to carry the device from one place to the other.


The total weight of this sandwich maker is 2.85 Kilograms.

Power light indicator

This product is fitted with a light indicator, which shows device status.

Compact design

Nova NSM 2403 sandwich maker has a compact design. The design will enable you to comfortably store the product in small spaces. Furthermore, this product can be stored in a vertical position, making it occupy less space.

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What Do We like

180-degree opening

This sandwich maker opens180 degrees, which makes it easier to work with as opposed to toasters that open only 90 degrees.

Detachable plates

This is a 3-in-1 device. This product comes with three detachable plates, which are grill, waffle-look, and triangle.


This product comes with a warranty of one year, which covers the manufacturer defects.

Non-stick coating

With non-stick plates, your sandwich will not stick to the plates.

Easy to clean

With a non-stick coating, one will comfortably clean the plates.


This product can be used to make two sandwiches simultaneously, saving you time.

Energy efficiency

This sandwich maker will consume less power, which means you will save on electricity bills too.

Power cord

Its power cord has a reasonable length, and it is well coated to prevent any shock injuries.

Lid lock

The lid lock allows tight and safe closing to prevent accidental opening while cooking as well as while carrying.

Anti-skid stand

This sandwich maker has an anti-slip stand, which makes it stand firmly on the surface where it is placed.

Heat resistant handle

The handle is made using heat-resistant materials; hence it is safe for you.

What We Don’t Like

The cover gets heated with time, which could prove to be risky.


With a compact design, this product is made more portable; hence, one can take it for outdoor activities. The product is also simple to use. The product has a warrant of one year, which gives you peace of mind. For your safety purposes, you are advised not to touch the cover in which the product is in use.

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