Reasons Why You Should Service Your AC Even In Winters?

Most of us stop using air conditioners in our houses during the winter season.

Not using the AC during winter is perfectly normal, but the mistake most of us make is to think that the AC does not require its monthly care and servicing during winters. 

We tend to think that just because we are not using the AC or using it very sparingly during the winter season, it does not require any servicing. 

Should You Service Your AC During Winters?

It is best to get your regular maintenance and servicing done even during the winter season. Air conditioners to function well should be used regularly. 

If they are not used for long windows, as in the case of the winter season, they will face many issues.

Whether or not ‘your’ air conditioner will experience problems when not used for a few months will also depend on the actual working condition of your unit.

Well-maintained air conditioners may not face any issues except for the accumulation of dust when they are not used for a long time.

To be on the safer side, it is best to call your AC technician to service your AC during winter. 

If the AC motor is old or if they have been facing any unaddressed issues prior to the winter, then they could get jammed.

They may not function when you restart the air conditioner after the winter. Servicing your AC during the winter will save you from such issues.

Winter Servicing As A Part Of Prepping Your AC for Summer

You should service the air conditioner during winter, not only to ensure that its parts are not jammed when not in use for an extended period.

It is also because you need to prep your air conditioner for the summer.

During the winter, you would have stalled the air conditioner completely. As the summer starts, the use of your air conditioner will hit its peak usage rate.

This drastic switch could tax your air conditioner and lead to breakdown when you need your air conditioner. 

In winter, you will be able to address all the issues in your air conditioner, which you have been postponing to address the last summer.

You will have time to rectify the problems with your air conditioner patiently without having to worry about experiencing the sweltering heat of a summer night.

Even if your air conditioner unit needs to be taken to the service station for major servicing, winter would be ideal. 

When you service your air conditioner during the winter, the AC mechanics would be relatively freer when compared to the summer.

They are likely to do a better job when they are not hard-pressed for time, attending several service calls simultaneously. 


As you would notice, AC servicing during winters have their own benefits.

They keep your air conditioning unit working seamlessly, and you will be able to move into the summer without any issues. 

Secondly, winter is the best time to take care of the major servicing of your air conditioners. 

Always call technicians that are authorized by the AC brand. This will save you from undesirable issues down the line and get your AC serviced by someone qualified and knowledgeable. 



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