Ovista Dual Port Universal Fast Battery Power Bank (O-Mi-sts- 20000mah) Review

According to Wikipedia, “A power bank is a portable device that can supply power from its built-in battery through a USB port.” They serve as power backups during emergencies. The Ovista 20000mAh Dual Port Universal Fast Battery Power Bank features a 5V/2A input and output. It comes with universal compatibility, allowing you to charge various devices with ease.

This sea green colored device is handy for travelers due to its vast power storage capacity of 20000mAH. It is also a valuable asset in places with frequent power cuts. It is compact and easy to use. The dual ports enable you to charge two devices simultaneously.


Colour and capacity

The sea green color power bank has a capacity of 20000mAh. It is composed of the Lithium-ion battery, which enables you to charge devices efficiently.

Dual ports

It features dual ports, which enable an individual to charge two devices simultaneously. It saves time and does not compromise on its performance.

LED Indicators

The device is equipped with four LED indicators that indicate the battery percentage and charging status of the power bank. It prevents overcharging or undercharging of the power bank. It also ensures that you never run out of charge.

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What Do We like


The power bank is built in such a manner that avoids overcharging and short circuits due to it’s intelligently designed internal circuits.

Device Compatibility

The device is compatible with a wide range of gadgets such as Androids, iPhones, iPods, Mp3 and Mp4 players, etc. Thus, it provides convenience to users.

Charging and Standby Time

The device offers an excellent 12-hour charging and standby time. It is energy-efficient and has a power efficiency of more than 90%.

What We Don’t Like

Deterioration of performance after a certain period

After a certain period, the battery capacity may deteriorate. It may not charge devices multiple times on a single charge.


The device goes inline with the Make In India project. It also comes with a warranty period of 12 months, making it a trusted and reliable option to consider buying. Besides, it is quite fashionable, durable, and easily portable. It also provides for the fast charging of devices with excellent efficiency.

It is safe and qualifies all the requirements of the user. Thus, it can be a valuable choice for all those looking for a power bank with high battery capacity. You can also charge two devices simultaneously to save time.

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Hari Priya

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