Anker PowerCore 10400mAh 2-Port Portable Charger/Power Bank Review

The advancement of technology has made our lives simpler and convenient. Power banks have made it easier to charge your smartphones, even on the go. Anker, a leading brand that deals with the manufacture of power banks, has come forward with the Anker PowerCore 10400mAh 2-Portable Power Bank With PowerIQ And VoltageBoost Technology.

The device provides for an outstanding power storage capacity of 10400mAh. It is useful for a person during emergencies. Hence, one can continue having unlimited fun with their USB powered digital devices.


The black-colored device has an excellent capacity of 10400mAh along with its efficient Lithium metal batteries. This capacity is just enough to charge the device multiple times.

Charge Capability

This power bank can charge the iPhone6 four times, iPhone6 Plus, or GalaxyS6 two and a half times. It can even charge the iPad Air almost once, thereby charging the above with a 2amp output charger.

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What Do We like

Fast Charging Technology

The device enables quick charging, providing for the PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies. It allows possible charges up to 2.4 amps per port or three amps overall.


The device is built in an intelligent manner such that it provides for a multi protect safety system that ensures complete protection for you and even your devices. It also comes with surge protection and other safety features.

Dual Port System

The device can be used to charge two phones or gadgets simultaneously due to the two available ports that it comes with. Hence, it saves time and energy.

What We Don’t Like


The power bank is a bit bulky. It may not be suitable to store in the pockets. You may need a different bag to carry due to its slightly large size.


As compared to chargers, the device might seem to be more expensive, leading to the added expenses.


The device provides for lightweight, portable, smooth, and comfortable means of power storage. It is also compatible with every other USB powered device, providing for a wonderful performance to the users. Apart from the trusted brand and the promising experience, the manufacturer offers for an 18 month warranty period making the customers worry-free.  Thus, this device is a valuable choice for all those who are looking for a reliable power bank.

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Hari Priya

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