Toreto Trio Power Bank (TOR-36) Review

Toreto in one of the private companies which mainly manufactures the electronic products like speakers, data cables, digital cameras, powerbanks, tablets. Here we are reviewing on of its Powerbank. Trio. The power bank has the battery capacity of 10000mah.

The power bank has the dimension of 16.8*11.2*3.8 centimeter. The power bank has the battery composition of the lithium polymer. The black colour of the power bank gives it a standard look. This power bank is one of the best choices of the users those who are fond of travelling as this power bank can charge three devices at a time.

4-Level LED

The power bank is consisted of the 4 level LED indication which tells about the energy left in the power bank. This LED indication helps in charging of the device when the power bank is going to dead. This indication also helps in preventing from damaged by getting overcharged.

In-Built Cable Design

The power bank has an appealing design with in-built lightning and micro charging wire for charging android and iOS devices. It also has one USB charging port.

Multiple Protection Security System

The power bank has the high-performance security protection system which supports overcharge, over discharge, over voltage, over current and short circuit protection.

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What Do We like

Huge Battery Capacity

The power bank has the battery capacity of the 10000mah which allows the charge three devices at a same time.

Built in Safeguard

The power bank in consisted of the built-in safeguard which protect the device from excessive current.

Built in Smart Chip

The power bank is consisted of the built-in smart chips which protect the power bank against any charging accidents.

Fast Charging Technology

The power bank has a fast charge technology which can charge your device at a lightning fast speed without wasting much time.

Three Input Ports

The power bank has Type C, Micro USB and Lightning input port which gives the comfort of charging the power bank with any of the cable available with the user.

What We Don’t Like

LED Torch

The power bank does not provide the facility of the LED torch for the emergency purpose which is now a most common feature in the power banks.


The Toreto trio is one of the best power banks as it can easily charged the three devices simultaneously. The power bank has the storage capacity of 10000mah. The power bank charges the devices very faster as compare to others. The body design off the power banks looks so attractive. The power bank has the multiple protection security system which supports the over charge, dis charge, over current.

The LED indicator helps in telling about the energy level of the power bank and also protect the power bank from getting damaged by overcharged. The power bank is consisted of the inbuilt smart chip and safeguard which helps in preventing the devices from charging accident and from excessive currents. The power bank is very much suitable for those who loves to travel and are very busy.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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