Philips Viva Collection Masticating Juicer HR1887/81 Review

Philips is one of the largest electronics brands. Its headquarters is located in Amsterdam. Juicer is one such category it has mastered over the years.

Philips Viva Collection Masticating juicer is introduced to Philip’s juicer’s product range. The juicer has been designed to take care of your daily juicing requirements on the go and without much hassle or efforts.


Plastic Body

The juicer is made up of highly durable plastic materials that make it handy and lightweight.

Quick Clean Technology

The product comes embedded with a smart clean technology and can be cleaned in less than a minute


The juicer is a powerful and compact gadget for your kitchen that takes just half the space as compared to other juicers. You can directly fill the juice in your vessel 

Dishwasher Safe

The best thing is that you don’t have to bother about washing it with hands and can safely put it inside a dishwasher with other utensils

Feeding Tube

The juicer comes with an XL 70mm feeding tube. Fruits and vegetables and can be fed in the tube without cutting. 

Drip Stop

The juicer comes embedded with a drip-stop feature that helps minimize the mess in the kitchen and cleaning efforts after extracting juice

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What Do We like

Premium looks

The juicer looks very premium and appealing to your eyes and adds to the beauty of your kitchen 


The product is sturdy and runs for several years without any complaints. The plastic and stainless steel used in the product are of high quality

Easy Cleaning

The juicer can be easily cleaned and does not require extra efforts 

Efficient juice extraction

The juicer is quite useful and extracts up to 80% of the juice from the fruits and vegetables 

Good at juicing tough fruits and vegetables

The feeding tube is extensive and allows juicing of tough fruits and vegetables without putting much effort in cutting and peeling. 

Smooth and silent operation of juicer

The juicer doesn’t make any noise while functioning and gives a very smooth juicing experience 

What We Don’t Like

Less Motor Capacity

The juicer comes with a 150W motor as compared to its counterparts that come with a motor capacity of at least 400W

Slightly Heavy

The juicer weighs 4Kgs that makes it somewhat immovable and challenging to carry or shift to other locations

Slow juicer

The juicer works at a slow speed to preserve the goodness of fruits and vegetables and requires patience to operate.


This juicer is a power-packed deal for all your juicing needs. This juicer grinder is a steal deal for the people who are health-conscious and include juices in their everyday diet. With this juicer, they can quickly extract juices and sip them as and when they feel like.

The users can enjoy juices without going through the hassle of setting up the juicer with multiple attachments and the spillovers after juicing.

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