Bullet Blenders

Many love to own a bullet blender because it is a compact kitchen appliance. It is also versatile in terms of its uses. If you want to whip up quick fruit juices after a tiring day’s work you may not like the idea of pulling out a large juicer. Bullet blender is a portable version of a mixer grinder this could fit in a small travel pouch and you could even carry it with you when you are traveling.

This type of blender is used for juicing purposes. It is easy to handle because of its compact size. It is useful especially when one has to prepare juice for a single person. You do not have to use a large gadget and go through the hassle of cleaning large juicers. 

Many brands offer bullet blenders like Usha, Kuvings, etc. Before you buy one, it is vital to check out the buying guide to ensure you have made the right purchase.

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What are Bullet Blenders?

Bullet blenders are small, compact handheld mixers. This type of blender is electrically powered and it is best suited for single person use. They use low power motor and they consume very little power. These blenders are used for a variety of purposes in the regular kitchens as well as in the commercial kitchens besides using it for juicing purposes. 

Features of Bullet Blenders

Many brands have launched this type of portable blender. Let us look at some of the most commonly available features of bullet blenders. 

Body TypeConsists of two units like the regular mixer grinder – the base unit which houses a low power motor. In some models, the blade is fitted to the base unit and in other models, the blade is part of the detachable jar. 
Uses Juicing fruits and vegetables 
Motor Capacity400 watts motor
Number of Grinder Jars2 to 3 jars depending on the brand and model
Blade TypeStainless steel blade
Low Noise GrindingGenerally, a low noise device because of its low powered motor
Speed SettingsSingle-speed
Jar TypeCombination of plastic and glass jars
Maximum Continuous Run TimeUp to 15 minutes / Varies based on the brand
Warranty PeriodOne year


Who Should Use Bullet Blenders?

If you enjoy fresh fruit juices but do not like the hassle of using a large device, then bullet blenders will come as a handy solution. This device is an ideal option if you need to prepare juice for one person. It could also be used for preparing chutney and grinding masala for Indian dishes when the quantity involved is not large, ideal for one to two people.  


If you do not have a bullet blender yet, then you should get one right away. It is a very handy device as it is very small in size. Many prefer the bullet blenders as it is easy to handle the device and cleaning is also easy after the use.

There is another added benefit; you will be spending a lot of lesser electricity as this device uses lesser power motors. These blenders come in very fashionable and trendy designs and you might want to explore your options now.