Bajaj Platini VJ01 150-Watt Slow Juicer Review

Bajaj electricals have been manufacturing electricals for more than 70 years now and are a well-established brand. The juicers from Bajaj are winning a lot of hearts.

Bajaj Platini VJ01 150-Watt Vitamin Slow Juice is one such product that is a complete package for people who are looking forward to buying a high-quality cold press juicer. 


Motor Capacity

The product is equipped with a 150W motor well suited for slow juicing 

All in 1

The juicer is capable of juicing vegetables, fruits, frozen desserts

Feeding Tube

Large feeding tube to feed in fruits and vegetables with ease and without the need to cut them into smaller pieces


The product also contains a pusher to push the vegetables and fruits down the feeder tube and to extract maximum juice from them

Slow juicing

The juicer works slowly and just does 60 rotations per minute to preserve the nutrients in the juice and does not burn away the nutrients due to the heat caused by a higher number of rotations 

Juice container

The product also comes with a juice container to collect the extracted juice through the spout provided on the central unit

Pulp Containers

This is provided to collect the pulp and also make frozen desserts


2 Years on Motor and 2 Years on product

Patented technology

It comes with patented metal grinding head and bidirectional residue pushing structure to prevent blockage

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What Do We like

Retain maximum nutrition

Bajaj Platini VJ01 150-Watt Vitamin Slow Juice preserves the original taste and nutritional properties of fruits and vegetables by extracting the juice at very few rotations per minute

Premium Looks

The product comes in a classy black, red color combination which is a complete charmer and slays in your kitchen

Patented technology

The juicer comes with two patented technologies which make it unique and more advanced

Limited Vibrations

The juicer extracts the juice with zero shakings or vibration and hence doesn’t cause spillovers on the kitchen slab

Silent operations

The juicer does not make any noise while functioning which is the bestselling proposition for people who look for less noisy juicers 


The product seems sturdy and durable can continue to operate for several years without any trouble

Efficient juicing

The juicer extracts juice very nicely from the pulp without much wastage

What We Don’t Like


The juicer is slightly costly as compared to its counterparts 


Bajaj Platini VJ01 150-Watt Vitamin Slow Juice is one of the best cold press juicers in the market. Though it is slightly expensive, overall, it gives supreme performance and high quality.

The juicer is an ideal choice for a person who is a fitness freak and wants each glass of juice with the right amount of nutrition, fibers, and enzymes and ensures that the juicing does not amount to burning away of the benefits of the fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, etc. 

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