Kuvings EVO820 Elite Whole Slow Juicer Review

Kuvings is a famous kitchen appliances brand from South Korea known for manufacturing very premium products and specialized cold-pressed technology. The company sells its products in more than 80 countries and has been operating for 40 years now.

Kuvings Leather Finish Elite Slow Juicer is one of the finest products in the slow juicer category from Kuvings. The product is designed to give supreme precision and perfection in cold-pressed juice extraction


Comes with smoothie maker for making delicious thick shakes & smoothies and sorbet maker to make a sugar-free dessert from frozen fruits

Patented Cleaning Tool

The tool cleans the product in a few minutes by putting it inside the cleaning tool and rotating it under running water.

Motor Capacity

The motor is made up of high-grade copper with satellite gears for an effortless juicing and can work for continuously for 30 minutes

Smart Cap for Juice mixes

The smart cap installed in the juicer lets you mix 2 juice simultaneously

Safety lock system

The juicer comes installed with a safety lock system and ensures that all the attachments are perfectly attached before functioning. The juicer does not work if there is something wrong with the fitment

Feeding tube

The juicer has a large feeding tube that can take in large-sized ingredients easily and extract juice out of them seamlessly


The product comes with a 10-year warranty on the product and 1 year on the product that makes it highly reliable

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What Do We like

Easy to handle

The product is very easy to assemble and operate

Maximum juice extraction

The juicer extracts all the juice out of the pulp effortlessly 

Silent operation

There is absolutely no noise when the juicer is functioning making it the best buy for people who are looking for a silent juicer

Easy to clean

The product comes with a cleaning brush to conveniently wipe the juicer and make it clean and hygienic for the next juicing session

Preserves nutrition

The juicer preserves the nutritional value, enzymes, fibers of the fruits and vegetables due to a lower number of rotations per minute

Premium looks

The product looks classy and blends beautifully with the interiors of your kitchen


The product can continue to provide you healthy cold-pressed juices for several years without any complaints


The juicer occupies very little space and can be kept anywhere inside the kitchen

What We Don’t Like

Very Expensive

The juicer is that it is very expensive and is not meant for people with a low budget

Very heavy

The product is very heavy and can not be easily moved from one location to another easily


Kuvings Leather Finish Elite Whole Slow Juicer is a perfect pick for people with a generous budget to buy a very high-quality cold-pressed juicer. The juicer is designed to give you the most amazing performance and quality.

This is an absolute no brainer for people who do not have any monetary constraints to buy a cold-pressed juicer. 

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