Inalsa Juicers

Have you heard of Inalsa juicers? Inalsa is from Spain and it belongs to the Taurus Group of Companies. The company comes with a long history dating back to 1967. 

The brand has set its foot in the Indian market over three decades ago. This is one of the fastest-growing, ISO certified brands in the country. The brand has started becoming popular in both first-tier and second-tier cities. 

Inalsa offers a number of types of juicers to consumers like juicer mixer grinders, cold press juicers, etc. Before you buy one, it is vital to check out the buying guide to ensure you have made the right purchase.

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How Does Inalsa Fair As A Juicer Brand?

Inalsa has a very slow reach in India among all three segments of customers – lower, middle and upper classes. However, those who have already tried the brand always prefer to go back to Inalsa. This enables the brand to enjoy a very high level of customer loyalty. This is certainly one of the reasons for the steady growth of Inalsa juicers in India. The brand makes itself attractive through the following strong points. 

  • The most comprehensive range of products under the juicer category
  • Juicers available for everyone’s price range
  • International quality standards are maintained on all the juicers
  • Value for money
  • Elegant designs that are certain to match the modern modular kitchens
  • These juicers come with built-in silent technology
  • Exclusive range of high-end models
  • The growing number of service centers for post-sale support across the country

Inalsa USP

It would not have been possible for an outside brand like Inalsa to survive the tough competition that prevails in the country if it were not to be for its benchmarking quality standards.

Inalsa juicers are celebrated for their top-notch performance. Over the years, the brand has gained a strong footing in the Indian market by focusing on more aggressive pricing strategies.

The brand’s visibility has improved now with online sales channels. More than offline store-based marketing Inalsa tries to reach larger masses through online channels and it is working out for the brand.

We could see the sales rate increasing in the online networks. This gives the brand a great opportunity to replace Indian brands. This may be happening at a very slow pace but the brand is certainly enjoying very steady growth in the Indian juicers segment. 


Customers who are keen on bringing home international brands and the best quality juicers will prefer Inalsa. This globally recognized brand can withstand the wear and tear of the tough Indian kitchens and Indian families’ juicing needs. Inalsa juicers come as an excellent value adds to any Indian kitchen.

Multiple variants are available to suit all sizes of Indian families. You can easily order your Inalsa juicers online and have them delivered at your doorsteps instead of going in search of these juicers from one store to the other. You will be able to easily access the service networks of Inalsa across the nation.

It does not matter therefore even if you move frequently from one city to the other as the brand offers good service coverage. Inalsa offers excellent value for money for price-conscious customers.