Wonderchef Juicers 

Wonderchef is probably one of the most recent entrants in the juicers segment in India. The company was founded only in 2009 and the company hasn’t even crossed its first decade. The brand is very much under its testing phase and has launched successfully a number of juicer variants. 

Wonderchef offers a number of kinds of juicers to consumers like juicer mixer grinders, cold press juicers, etc. Before you buy one, it is vital to check out the buying guide to ensure you have made the right purchase.

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How Does Wonderchef Fair As A Juicer Brand?

Despite its late entry into the industry, Wonderchef enjoys relatively better market reach than some of the already existing Indian brands.

The brand is focused on increasing its market share in India through a multi-pronged approach. We should note here that Wonderchef is moving in the right orbit on its journey towards success in the juicers segment. Wonderchef tries to set itself apart at various levels and let us explore how the brand achieves this goal. 

  • Customer-focused product range through its stringent market survey
  • Stunning designs, the brand takes extra effort to come up with compelling designs.
  • In terms of quality, the brand delivers what it promises. 
  • These juicers are relatively silent. 
  • Very attractive pricing.
  • Strong product build that promises several years of service.
  • Very good designs that make the juicers irresistible. 
  • Post-sales support is very reliable across the country. 

Wonderchef USP

Wonderchef focuses on top-notch product design; all the products from this brand have an attractive design. This certainly works well for the brand.

Indian customers first fall for the looks and quality considerations come later. Having understood the mind-set of the Indian customers, the brand has put in considerable efforts in creating designs that match with that of international brands. 

It is surprising to note that the brand does not shy away from launching high-end juicers that are over INR 20,000. This shows the brand’s clear vision of where it likes to land in the near future even if it is not there at the moment. Wonderchef has mastered the triad success formula that always works with the Indian market – Design, Price, Quality.

Customers always go with products that come at low prices but with excellent performance. The product ratings from the customers across the web also show a high level of customer satisfaction that is prevailing about the brand. 


It does not matter whether you are looking for the entry-level bullet juicers or high-end cold press slow juicers; Wonderchef has something interesting to offer you.

The brand does satisfy all types of customers by meeting their needs. Just because it is a new brand, Wonderchef does not price its products low. Their prices are on par with the other leading brands in the country.

If you are choosing Wonderchef it has to be on the quality front and design considerations. You will be able to make a well-informed decision when you explore the brand’s product offerings and the prices.

Always compare the latest deals that are available online and it will go a long way in helping you save a considerable amount of money. Wonderchef does make a good juicer choice for your home.