Sheffield Classic SH-1053 Juicer Review

Sheffield is a well-established brand in kitchen appliances and kitchenware and has one of the highest-rated and reviewed products. The product offered by the brand has the best in class technology, ergonomics, and design. The company has its manufacturing and R&D units.

Sheffield Classic 350 Watt Juicer is a very compact and handy gadget that delights you with every glass of juice and smoothies it prepares


Mini mixer

The product is an all in one gadget that lets you mix, grate, mince like a mixer very conveniently 

Motor Capacity

The product is equipped with a heavy-duty copper motor of 350W which is capable of seamlessly extracts juice in seconds


The blender comes handy when you have to blend and mix on the go. The blender is very compact and can be carried anywhere as desired


The chopper attachment lets you chop all the ingredients finely you desire with precision in a few seconds


The juicer attachment is meant for your juice extraction needs from any fruit and vegetable 


The product comes with a warranty of 1 Year 


The product comes with a lot of attachments to meet all your blending and grinding needs. There is one big cup, a chopping bowl with lid, one small cup with lid, one grinding blade, a chopping blade, and one mincing blade.

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What Do We like

Compact and light

The product is exceptionally feather-light and compact which gives it a lot of mobility and ease of handling

Powerful Motors

The product is equipped with a heavy-duty motor that takes care of all blending and chopping needs with perfection

Preserves nutrition

The product claims to preserve all the nutrition and good properties of the juice and smoothies and does not burn them away 

An all in 1 device

The product aids you in doing everything by just changing attachment. With just a single push you can perform multiple operations likes chopping, slicing, shredding, grating

Classy looks

The product looks very premium and stylish and blends well with the interiors of your kitchen

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points about the product


Sheffield Classic 350 Watt Juicer is an all in one device that lets you juice, blend, chop, grate with ease and perfection.

The product is a steal deal for people who do not want to keep multiple devices for multiple chores. This product can assist you in everything you could think of.

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