Kuvings SV-500M 1700 Watts Vacuum Blender Review

Kuvings is a global kitchen appliance brand adored by people of over 80 countries. They are known to develop the highest quality products that make healthy living a much easier with its world-class technology embedded in its offerings.

They have applied for more than 1,400 patents registered to 80 overseas countries. Kuvings Vacuum Blender SV-500M is an advanced tech-packed blender that is tailor-made to give you a sense of royalty and supremacy when you use it.

Vacuum Tumbler

The product comes with a vacuum tumbler to store blended juices, smoothies, or other blends in a vacuum-sealed container to maintain their freshness for a longer duration

One-Touch auto buttons

Pre-programmed buttons make it convenient to achieve the desired blending results


The product is embedded with an intelligent technology automatically detects the rotations per minute and blending time that senses when ingredients reach the desired level of texture needed


The juicer is made up of BPA free material and allows you to see through when food is getting blended


The product comes installed with a safety sensor that detects if the blender is perfectly mounted on the main body

Advanced Tech

The blender flaunts a hi-tech 3D-Moving System with six specially heat-treated blades that rotate tridimensional enabling deep blending.

Noise Reduction Cover

The blender comes with noise reduction cover that furthermore improves the blending experience

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What Do We like

Easy to clean

The product can be conveniently wiped and cleaned in a few minutes 

Preserves nutrition

The blender preserves the nutritional value and fibers of the fruits and vegetables due to a lower number of rotations per minute

Premium looks

The product looks classy and looks beautiful when kept on your kitchen shelf 


The product is highly durable and does not break down. The product is meant to give you long-lasting blending service

Silent operation

There is absolutely no noise when the blender is functioning making it the best buy for people who get easily irritated by noise

Technologically advanced

The product comes with several advanced features like pre-programmed buttons, rotation sensors, noise reduction cover, etc

What We Don’t Like


The product is costly and is meant only for the affluent class. 



Kuvings Vacuum Blender SV-500M is a perfect pick for an affluent class who can spend a generous amount on buying a blender.

The juicer is smart and designed to give you the most seamless and effortless experience when blending. This is a complete no brainer for people who do not have any financial constraints to buy a cold-pressed juicer. 

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