Nutri Ninja QB3001IND Blender Review

Ninja is one of the most famous house-care brands that manufactures small household appliances and cleaning solutions. The company is known for making highly functional and innovative products.

The company started in 1988 in Canada and is today two decades old and has expanded across the globe. Nutri Ninja Slim 700 Watts Blender with Two Tritan Jars is custom designed to give you the most delicious smoothies and juices on the go.

The product flaunts a unique build and beautiful design.

BPA free

The cups provided with the product are made of Tritan material, are BPA free, scratch and stain resistant that makes them highly durable

Powerful motor

The product is equipped with a powerful motor of 700W that is perfect for executing very heavy and tough blending and juicing tasks


The product is equipped with a high-grade extractor blade that extracts every bit of nutrients from the fruits and vegetables


The product comes with 2 Tritan cups with lids and one recipe book


There is a warranty of 2 years on the product 

Recipe book

The product also comes with a recipe book that contains recipes to prepare very delicious smoothies. So one does not have to break head on youtube finding recipes

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What Do We like


The product comes with a 2-year long warranty which makes it a reliable and durable product

Easy Cleaning

The product can be easily cleaned and washed as the parts can be easily detached from the main unit


The product looks sturdy and durable can continue to function for several years without any trouble

Retain maximum nutrition

The product retains good properties of fruits and vegetables and does not raise the temperature of the juicer due to spinning. The Tritan cups also make the storage of the juice safe

Silent operations

The juicer does not make any noise while functioning

Looks classy

The product looks very classy when kept on the slab or shelf of your kitchen. The product is sure to make eyeballs move


The product is very sleek and compact and occupies very little space. The product can fit in anywhere.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points about the product


Nutri Ninja Slim 700 Watts Blender with Two Tritan Jars is a blend of quality, looks, innovation, safety, and performance. The product is a perfect buy for people who need their juices and smoothies on the go. The product is a no brainer and is reasonably priced

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