Is Coffee Machine worth It?

If you drink coffee every day and sometimes multiple cups daily, it seems sensible to think if it is worth buying a coffee machine. A coffee machine serves as a great alternative to meet your daily caffeine needs.

The costs and maintenance associated with coffee machines may leave you overwhelmed.

Keep reading this article while sipping your coffee to explore the correct answers for pleasurable caffeinating at home.

Is the Coffee Machine Worth It?

Yes. If you consume coffee daily and love to become your own barista with reduced costs and increased convenience, then it is worth buying a coffee machine for your home.

Having said that, buying a perfect coffee machine that fulfils your requirements is easier said than done. In addition to costs and convenience, there are various other factors to consider.

Ensure to read this article until the end as we have covered reasons for buying your coffee machine, different types of coffee machines, pros and cons of buying your coffee machine, etc.; in detail to make the correct decision before buying one.

Is Buying a Coffee Machine Worth the Cost and Maintenance?

It’s great to get a coffee machine at home that gives you hot, brewing coffee any hour of the day. However, you must have an idea of the costs and maintenance related to a coffee machine before buying it. Every coffee machine requires maintenance in due course.

Buying a coffee machine without applying a proper thought process may prove costly in the long term.

You should know how to take care of your machine and fix it in case it needs repairs. It is the most important factor to consider before getting your coffee machine.

Don’t just give up on the idea of purchasing an expensive coffee machine because you need to invest time and effort to take good care of it. Visiting your nearby coffee café seems much easier. However, in the long term, it saves you money while allowing you to enjoy self-made coffee.

Few Reasons To Get Your Own Coffee Machine

There are various reasons for getting your own coffee machine at home. Let’s discuss a few reasons for installing your personal coffee machine.

  • If you think that all coffee machines are expensive and burn a hole in your pocket, relax, it’s not true. There are various inexpensive and good quality coffee machines available. You should consider such machines that come well within your budget.
  • Over time, buying a coffee machine allows you to make more savings per cup compared to purchasing a coffee cup from a café. Thus, it saves you money and avoids wastage. Usually, a homemade coffee cup costs less than a coffee shop cup of the same size.
  • It’s very convenient to find your way to a coffee machine in your home and brew a cup there. Compare it with the hassles of driving, cycling or walking to the nearest or far-away best coffee shop. Your own coffee machine brings convenience to your feet.
  • Don’t we all have experienced the frustration of waiting for too long for a cup of coffee at an overcrowded café at the weekend? Moreover, you also have to deal with disposable cups or straws for sipping your coffee.

Preparing your own coffee at home avoids all such hassles and also ensures that you never miss out on your favourite TV program or being a great host for your guests. Moreover, if you love to spend time with yourself while sipping coffee, a coffee machine comes in handy.

Using a coffee machine at home allows you to prepare the exact amount of coffee you need and sip it in your own favourite coffee mug.

The best part is that you can experiment with various flavours of coffee and have great fun preparing your own coffee.

Different Types of Coffee Machines Available to Buy

There are different types of coffee machines available in the market. You should buy one that matches your caffeinating style and fits within your budget.

Single Serve Coffee Machines

A single serve coffee machine allows you to prepare one serving of coffee at a time. Thus, you can’t prepare huge pots of coffee in this machine. However, it is an easy to operate coffee machine that gets you a cup of coffee very quickly.

To run this machine, you need to pop one of the little coffee pods and press a button. Then, within a minute, you will have your coffee ready.

The coffee pods used with single serve coffee machines are usually expensive, and some are non-biodegradable. However, most of these machines are designed to work with reusable coffee pods. Thus, you only need to fill these pods with desired beans to get your coffee.

Drip Coffee Machines

Drip coffee machines are inexpensive and widely popular coffee machines. These machines come with a heating pad under the pot for keeping the coffee warm.

You need to be careful to not leave the coffee for longer periods in the machine as it may burn the coffee resulting in bitter brew coffee. To work around this issue, you should transfer the coffee into a heat-retaining container rather than keeping it on the warming pad.

Espresso Machines

Espresso coffee machines are sophisticated and expensive that come in wide varieties, including home models and large professional models.

Most coffee enthusiasts across the globe prefer espresso coffee machines as these make creamier, richer, and authentic coffee than other coffee makers. As per your taste or mood, you can make different types of coffee using an espresso machine.


The percolators are a great alternative to expensive espresso coffee machines for preparing a stronger coffee.

It comprises a pot used for brewing coffee by cycling the boiling brew continuously through the grounds until it reaches the required flavour and strength.

Siphon Coffee Makers

The siphon or vacuum pot coffee makers are unique machines that make an exciting cup of coffee. It comprises two chambers, including the bottom chamber and the upper chamber.

The lower chamber contains water that is heated to form vapour pressure. This pressure raises the water into the upper chamber where it gets mixed with the coffee grounds. Then, it is pulled back into the lower chamber due to gravity and the vacuum effect through a filter.

This results in the filling of brewing coffee in the bottom chamber. The vacuum brew coffee is getting popular among homebrewers due to the advent of user-friendly vacuum brewers.

Moka Pot

Moka pot is an Italian stove-top or electric coffee maker that makes a strong cup of coffee. It passes boiling water pressurized by vapour through the coffee grounds for brewing the coffee. It is a great choice for making espresso-based drinks.

If you don’t want to spend on an expensive espresso coffee maker, you can opt for a Moka pot that makes a coffee very close to a shot of espresso.

What Coffee Machine Should You Buy?

  • If you drink coffee frequently, then buying your own coffee machine provides many benefits for your budget and the environment. However, if you can’t take time out to take care of your coffee machine, choose the ones with low maintenance requirements.
  • If you want to purchase a high-end coffee machine, then think twice beforehand. Unless you want to learn how to operate a professional coffee machine or are super choosy about your coffee, the costs and maintenance of big machines are way too much.
  • If you are looking for a coffee machine that provides ease of usage, go for single serve coffee machines. These smaller machines are convenient to use and fixed quickly in a few minutes.

The drawback with single serve coffee is that their coffee pods are expensive and generate plastic waste. You may look for machines with reusable coffee pods to fix this issue. With reusable pods, you can use any beans you want.

  • If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, you should go for drip coffee machines. Prefer a thermal drip coffee machine for avoiding burning your coffee. These coffee machines are suitable for making large pots of coffee.
  • If higher costs and maintenance are not a constraint, you may choose a fancy espresso machine. These machines make great espresso coffee. However, these are labour-intensive machines and require costly maintenance.
  • If you want an inexpensive alternative to an espresso coffee machine, you may choose a percolator or Moka Pot. These machines make coffee that tastes close to espresso while needing less investment of money and effort.
  • If you love to add a fun element to your coffee making, then go for a vacuum pot coffee maker. Unfortunately, these are fragile machines that require high maintenance. While these machines work great for entertaining guests, they are not suitable as daily coffee makers.

Pros and Cons of Buying Your Coffee Machine

Consider the following pros and cons before you buy a coffee machine for your home.


  • It allows you to enjoy your favourite coffee whenever you want.
  • It provides greater convenience than driving or walking to the nearest coffee café.
  • You have a wide variety of coffee machines and brands to choose from and buy the one that suits your style and fits in your budget.
  • Depending on the type of coffee machine you have at home, you can make coffee of various types and flavours as per your preference.


  • Buying a low-cost coffee machine might degrade the taste and defeat the very purpose of buying a coffee machine for home. You may need to spend more to buy good quality coffee machines.
  • Some coffee machines may require tedious maintenance. Thus, you may need to invest more effort and time than you would have thought when buying the machine.
  • Some models of coffee machines occupy too much space and don’t fit well in your living spaces or kitchen in your home.
  • You may need to get trained for longer periods for learning how to use your coffee machine optimally.


Considering the hefty costs and huge sizes of superior coffee machines like personal espresso machines, it is obvious to think if a coffee machine is worth all the hassles and costs associated with it.

A good personal coffee machine for home helps you make more savings per cup than buying a coffee at a coffee café.

It allows you to make your coffee quickly and avoid the hassles of moving out from the comfort of your home. Hence, it is worth the costs.


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