Sennheiser HD 4.20s Around-Ear Headphone Review

Sennheiser HD 4.20s Headphone has a stylish design. It is an over the ear headset with a closed-back design. The earpads are made ergonomically, which provides ambient noise attenuation.

It has a single button remote through which music playback and calls can be controlled. It also has an inline microphone. The headband is foldable and flexible, which makes it easy to carry while on the go.

It has 32mm transducers to give an excellent sound performance. It provides superior comfort, and the leatherette earpads are ultra-soft. It is highly portable. It is a perfect choice for music lovers.


Closed-Back Design

The headphone has a closed back and around the ear design with earpads, which are designed ergonomically, which reduces the noise from surroundings to improve the music experience.

Single Button Remote

The headphone comes with a cable that features a single button remote having an in-line microphone. One can easily control music playback with the remote and can even talk as it has pushed to talk functionality.

Folding Headband

The headband is foldable, which makes the headphone collapsible making it portable when you are on the go. It makes it easy to carry as it takes less space.

Proprietary Transducers

The Sennheiser headphone comes with 32mm, 18 Ohm transducer, which gives an exceptional performance with well-balanced sound and dynamic bass.

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What Do We like

Excellent Comfort

The headband of the headphone is flexible and foldable. The earpads are ultra-soft and light. It does not cause any type of pain during long listening sessions. Therefore, it gives excellent comfort.

Perfectly Portable

The headphone is designed elegantly. It is lightweight, robust, and minimalistic to its style. It comes with a single-sided tangle-free cable. One can move freely with the music. The leatherette earpads are comfortable. This makes the headphone portable.

Connectivity & Clear Calls

The headphone is seamlessly connected with all devices. One can connect with a high-quality cable that has an inline mic with a plug of 3.5mm.

Sound Quality

The headphone provides rich and vivid details of sound along with powerful bass. It has proprietary drivers which give dynamic and live sound experience to the user. Dynamic bass lets you feel hi-fi quality.

What We Don’t Like


The headphone feels heavy on the head after wearing, which makes it less comfortable than it claims to be.


The Sennheiser HD 4.20s headphone is an over-ear headphone with a closed back. It delivers exceptional performance and value. It has a convenient one-button remote with an inline microphone, which lets you take calls and even control music playback.

It is very lightweight and durable. The folding headband and the soft padded earpads make it comfortable and easy to carry and store.

It has an elegant design, which gives it a classy look

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Pranshi Agarwal

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