Skullcandy X6FTFZ-823 2XL Phase Over-Ear Headphone Review

Skullcandy is one of the most famous and leading companies that manufactures headphones, earphones, Bluetooth devices, mp3 players, etc. This company is based in Utah, United States, and has more than 15 years of expertise in this field. The product quality is top-notch, and it has been exporting its products all over the world.

This pocket-friendly headphone from Skullcandy is comfortable to wear and an absolute beast when it comes to sound. The green color gives it a unique look and makes it look stylish. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if this product is worth buying or not.


Classic design

This green colored headphone looks very stylish and gives a premium touch. It is a very pocket-friendly headphone. The premium finish and high-quality material make this headphone attractive.


The more lightweight your headphone is, the easier it is to carry around. This Skullcandy headphone weighs about 227 grams. You can easily take this around with you while going to work or while traveling. You can listen to music for hours without feeling anything heavy on your head.


The added extra cushion ensures comfort to your ears and head. The cushions are soft to touch and is very comfortable to wear. This headphone is recommended for people who are avid music listeners that listen for longer hours at one go. This professional-level headphone won’t disappoint you or won’t cause you any discomfort.

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What Do We like

Sound quality

The sound quality of this headphone is pretty excellent. At a low budget of INR 750, this provides you with an audio frequency of 20-20000Hz. Also, the 32-ohm power supply to the headphone via the wires makes it more powerful. The loudness and the sharpness of the sound are decent; you can listen to songs at a higher volume without distortion.

Powerful bass

The bass on this Skullcandy headphone is noticeable and decent. You can head every beat of every song, and this is an ideal choice for the people who love bass. Perfect for EDM music, and especially if you are into DJ-ing, then at this price range, you won’t get a better product than this one.

Build quality

The exterior build of this headphone is very sturdy and durable. Top-quality plastic has been used to manufacture this product, and it does not break easily. It is not recommended to drop this headphone to the ground for safety purposes, but if you are lucky, even if you drop it, it may not break. This is a good and decent set of headphones for you to enjoy.

What We Don’t Like

Built-in mic

The major drawback of this Skullcandy headphone is that it does not come with a built-in microphone. This means you cannot use this headphone to receive calls or video calls etc. It can be used only for music and movie purposes and single-player gaming. 

A microphone is one of the basic features of any headphone, and it would have made this headphone a complete package at this low budget.

Noise cancellation

There is no dedicated hardware for noise cancellation, which was not expected at this price range. Also, the cushions are not thick enough to block any background noise. You will have trouble listening to songs in a crowded place because you will hear both the song and the background noise at the same time. It is not ideal for listening to track on public transports or any other crowded places.


This is a decent headphone at this low budget with suitable features. This will get your job done if you are planning to use it for listening to songs on your laptop or computer. The lack of microphone and noise cancellation is a setback for this headphone, but the rest of the features are pretty good.

 If you have no problem with these cons and the features meet your requirements, then go for this product. This product offers excellent value for money.

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Koushik Mondal

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