Sony WI-C200 Wireless Neck-Band Headphone Review

Sony WI-C200 Wireless Neckband Earphones are comfortable, versatile, and practical headphones that are fitted seamlessly and are perfectly stylish. The battery life is very long. It can remain charged for 15 hours. It has a quick charge technology, which gives you 1hr playback time by 10 min of charging.

It consists of the 9mm driver units for clear sound and lightweight design for maximum comfort. These are the perfect wireless headphones with the classic look. It brings life to the music.


Bluetooth Wireless Technology

The wireless earphones provide the facility of being free from the tangled wires and pulled-out plugs. With the facility of Bluetooth wireless technology, the user can connect their device wirelessly and enjoy the lovely music.

Longer Battery Period

The Sony WI-C200 wireless earphone has a more extended period of battery that is up to 15 hours. The user can listen to their favorite music all through the day without any interruption.

Quick Charge

When the battery gets low, the user can charge their earphones within 10 minutes. The 10-minute charging will give you the 1 hour of playback music nonstop. This feature helps the user those are in a hurry can get their music life back in a short period.

Magnetic Buds

It is easy to carry and store also as the earbuds have an in-built magnet that provides the feature of tangle-free storage and carrying.

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What Do We like


It has a very elegant and cool look. The headsets are available in black and white colors with a matte finish, which looks classy. 

Built-In Mic

The earphones are provided with a multi-functional button. The button helps the users to take the call without going to the device. While listening to music, you can receive and end the calls just by pressing the button.

Driver Unit

It consists of the 9mm driver unit, which delivers dynamic audio performance with deep bass, crisp treble, and outstanding clarity.

Comfortable with Behind the Neck Design

The behind the neck design makes it comfortable. It is lightweight, which helps in keeping the headphones out of the way, so the user can listen to their music with total freedom.

What We Don’t Like


It does not clear the background noise of the surroundings while on call.


The Sony WI-C200 wireless earphone has stylish and cool looks that are better suited. The earphones are available in black and white color. The earphones have the 9mm driver unit, which gives the audio clarity. It gives 1 hour of playback in just 10 minutes of charging and has a longer battery life up to 15hrs.

The earphone has the multi-functional button, which helps the user to attend the calls and end the calls without going to the device. The quality of the bass is awesome. It has magnetic buds which are easily fitted in the ears.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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