Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB550AP On-Ear Headphone Review

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation. They specialize in electronics, gaming, entertainment services, etc. The brand Sony lives up to the product expectation.

These new Sony Extra Bass MDR headphones are nothing less than anything. The powerful 30mm driver delivers such a sound that you’ll be astonished. It comes with Tangle-free Flat cables to save your time. The Extra bass technology of this headset is extraordinary. And hence, it is portable. It is very easy to carry anywhere.

Flat Cable

Sony MDR comes with Tangle-free Flat cables. They are designed to be very durable and reliable. No more time-wasting untangling the cables before you start listening.

Ear Pads

The soft cushioned earpads are so comfortable on this headset that you can continue enjoying hours of music without being uncomfortable. The pressure-relieving earpads are of such good quality that even in longer hours, it won’t hurt your ears or irritate at all.


The built-in mic of this headset is pretty much decent. You can have a good conversation using this headset. The audio transmits appropriately to the other person, so the sound doesn’t get distorted, and they can hear you loud and clear.

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What Do We like

Extra Bass Technology

This headset is made for mainly EDM lovers, which means Electronic Dance Music. It is a new form of music one can argue. The enhanced extra bass technology lets you enjoy heavy bass. It amplifies your listening experience immensely.

Smart Key App

This is an interesting addition to this headphone. The Smart Key App lets you personalize your headset according to you. You can configure your mic button to function as volume control or track changing controls. All you need to do is install the application on your smartphone.


The designing of this headphone is very sleek. It allows you to lay your headsets flat, adjust the headband a bit so you can carry it easily while traveling. It takes very little space to store and makes it look more stylish.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Cancellation

The mic quality is decent to have a conversation but could’ve been one of the best if this headset had a noise cancellation feature too. Not having it, makes the other sounds hearable to the person you’re talking to. Which is not so decent.


These Sony MDR headphones are a decent product. It gives you quality sound, extra heavy bass. Portable so you can store and carry it easily. The cushioned pads are very comfortable.

Noise cancellation is one of the cons, but only if you intend to use this headset for conversations. If you’re gonna listen to music only and very less calling, then this is the right fit.

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Koushik Mondal

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