Samsung EO-BG950CBEGIN U Flex Wireless in-Ear Headphone Review

Samsung is a South Korean multinational company that manufactures mobile phones, Television, monitors, headphones, etc. They are one of the top companies in the world.

The magnetic latch keeps the earpieces together when not in use. You can connect up to two devices at the same time with it.

The controls are placed nicely so you can play/pause or change tracks easily. It is great for people who love working out or going to the gym, as you may say it otherwise it’s a Sports fit headphone. Battery life is pretty much decent.



The magnetic latch on any Bluetooth headphones are very useful. The earpieces remain with one another for the magnetic latch on it. It makes them look somewhat organized.

Multi-Point Connectivity

Now, you can easily connect to more than one device at the same time. One mobile phone and tablet can be connected; while you’re listening to music, you can also attend your calls simultaneously.


It is a form of another Voice assistant like Google Now or Siri. With the help of Bixby, the Samsung U Flex headphones will let you do pretty much anything through voice command. You can command it to do something without taking out your smartphone from the pocket.


There are few buttons on these headphones — one power button which is on the backside of the headphone. There is a dedicated button for the voice assistant named Bixby. You can activate it by pressing the button. And there are also buttons with which you can volume+/volume- or change tracks easily.

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What Do We like

Sports Fit

The behind the neck design makes it comfortable as well as fits your neck and ears. That is why it is an ideal choice for when you’re going for a jog or working out in the gym, maybe. It won’t come off as well as be very comfortable too.

Battery Life

The battery life of this wireless headphone is pretty decent. Samsung claims that it will last up to 10-12 hours playback time on a single full charge. Meaning if you charge it once fully, then you’re set for the whole day.

Sound Isolation

The Samsung Bluetooth headphone has this Noise isolation feature built-in. It blocks the external sounds and lets you focus properly on the music you’re listening to. It blocks almost 80% of the background noise. Which is pretty decent, I think.

Sound and Bass

The main attraction and key feature of this headphone are it’s sound and bass quality. It has two-way speakers with 11mm woofer and 8mm tweeters. So you can feel every note of melodious songs. Plus, the new Scalable Codec technology enhances your listening experience in a way you could imagine. The bass is also pretty great for EDM kinds of music.

What We Don’t Like


The weight of this headphone is a bit of a minor con. It weighs almost 335 grams. Which seems to be pretty heavy for In-Ear headphones, right?. Should’ve been much lighter than this.


The Samsung U Flex is no doubt a good product right now at the market. It provides every possible feature you may need in a Bluetooth headset. Sound and bass are great; you’ll feel another level of sound quality like never before.

You can wear it and go for a jog or to the gym, and it is sports friendly too. Battery life is decent. Samsung is a company that you can trust, so buy it without thinking any further.

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Koushik Mondal

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