Portronics Harmonics 208 Wireless Headset Review

Portronics has been a leading gadget brand of India for the last ten years. Portronics make your digital experiences richer and more satisfying.

This Portronics Harmonics 208 is a modern-day headset that has all the necessary features. Starting with its premium design, it is gonna be a fashion statement for you. The powerful battery will let you listen to music for at least 10-12 hours without interrupting. Bluetooth 4.1 technology is fast and connects to devices easily.

Key Buttons

This headset comes with some buttons which let you control the volume, the audio tracks and also enables you to receive calls. This way, you can go handsfree smoothly. The placement of the buttons is very organized.

Magnetic latch

This headset comes with magnetic speakers who are engineered with echo reduction technology. This is a unique feature and is found on very few headsets out there in the market.

Quick Charging

This headset can charge the battery very quickly. It hardly takes an hour or so to charge it fully. And then you’re set to go.

Multi-Point Connectivity

Harmonics 208 has a Multi-Point Connectivity feature, as well. It can easily connect to two devices at the same time easily. Bluetooth is fast and connects quickly. Now switch between your devices while listening to music and need to attend a call. Yes, it’s that easy.

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What Do We like

Enhanced Noise Cancellation

The echo reduction technology helps decrease the background noise, whether you are in a call or listening to music. It will help you to listen to music properly, without getting disturbed by any kind of noise even if you’re out traveling.

Efficient Bluetooth

Bluetooth 4.1 technology is high-speed. It works for up to a range of 10-meter range. It is designed in such a way that it does not drain your battery quickly. It is very energy efficient. Thus, increasing the battery life of your headset.

Battery Life

The battery life of this Portronics Harmonics 208 headset is fantastic. It is a 110mah Lithium polymer battery. It will provide you playback time of 7-10 hours on one full charge. Once you charge your device, you won’t be needing the charger anytime soon.

Sound and Bass

The enrich listening experience of this headset is beyond imagination. The quality of sound that this headset has at this price range, I doubt no one can match it. The bass is pretty decent. For avid music listeners, this headphone here is an ideal choice.

What We Don’t Like


The microphone of this headset is not up to the mark. Even after having a noise cancellation feature, voice quality is still not decent. Not recommended for long conversations.


This Portronics Harmonics 208 comes with a 1-year warranty. It has some unique features I must admit, which makes this headset quite attractive. The sleek design gives it a premium outlook, build quite sturdy and very lightweight. Good value for money overall. This is a sure buy.

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Koushik Mondal

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