Xmate Gusto Lite Truly Wireless Headphones Review

Xmate is a sub-brand of amazon that offers exceptional lifestyle e-accessories and electronics. It is a startup launched by a BSE-listed firm, Palred Technologies.

This new brand has put over 60 different products on sale. These products include a mobile, laptop, and audio accessories along with remotely operated compact cameras. The startup already has a 12-member team in China involved in the research and design of innovative products.

The brand aims to increase sales over recent months. It also plans on launching grooming accessories, smart wearable, Internet of Thing devices, and artificial intelligence-enabled accessories.

The Xmate Gusto Lite in-ear headphones are true wireless earphones that come with a 4000 mAH charging case.

You can easily charge the earbuds within 1.5 hours by placing them inside the case. It also features touch-sensitive multi-function buttons that enable you to control its basic operations with ease.

The wireless earphones are powered by the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that ensures seamless connectivity up to 10 meters. This also includes a built-in HD mic to provide crystal clear telephonic conversations. The lightweight earphones ensure HD quality sound with enhanced bass to provide an immersive and enjoyable musical experience.

Here we provide a detailed guide to the features, pros, and cons of the Xmate Gusto Lite in-ear headphone.

Xmate Gusto Lite Truly Intro

What's in the Box?

Xmate Gusto Lite box 2
Xmate Gusto Lite Box 4
Xmate Gusto box Image 5

The earbuds were received in a sturdy and stylish box. The package included :

  • The charging case
  • Three different sizes of earbuds
  • A micro USB charging cable
  • An instruction manual.

The manual provides all the essential information related to the earphones, including features, operation, and buttons.


Bluetooth 5.0 Technology​

The Xmate Gusto Lite in-ear headphones are powered by the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chipset that ensures seamless and strong connectivity up to 10 meters. These earphones are extremely easy and quick to connect.

Hence, you can connect the earphones to your smartphone or tablet automatically without any strings. However, you cannot connect the in-ear headphones to two devices simultaneously. The wireless Bluetooth technology also allows dual stereo call with zero noise and no interruption.

Multi-function Buttons

Xmate Gusto Lite Multi function Buttons

The wireless headphones feature touch-sensitive multi-function buttons that allow you to play/pause music, answer/reject calls, and activate voice assistants like Siri and Google assistant. You can also play the next or previous song using these buttons.

4000 mAh Magnetic Charging Case

Xmate Gusto 4000 mAh Magnetic Charging Case

You can easily charge the earphones by placing them in the 4000 mAh magnetic charging case. The LCD display of the charging case indicates the power level. Moreover, it is easily portable, allowing you to carry the earbuds around without the fear of losing them.

Battery Life

The Xmate Gusto Lite truly wireless earphones comes with great battery life. Each earbud includes built-in 50 mAh batteries that can be charged two to three times, allowing you to enjoy music all day long. Moreover, the 4000 mAh charging case is capable of charging the earbuds within 1.5 hours to ensure playtime/talk time up to 3 hours. It also comes with a standby time of 180 hours.


Ergonomic Design and Controls

The earphones feature a premium quality plastic built with an impressive and trendy design. They are durable and long-lasting. We tried dropping the earbuds to test the sturdiness several times. Hence, it is a reliable investment option to consider going.

Passive Noise Cancelling

The earphones block out ambient noise, allowing you to focus and enjoy your favorite tracks. The passive noise canceling feature is good. It enables you to wear earphones and talk on call, even in crowded and noisy environments.

How We Tested

Our experts considered the comfort, sound quality, fit and ease of use of the earbuds. We also checked the Bluetooth connectivity by moving around from a good distance away from our phones and going to other rooms.

To ensure the manufacturer's claims are true, we tested the battery life by connecting with the calls and playing some music. We also tested the timing of how long the earbuds took to finally drain. Once we tested the earbuds, we then scored each aspect.

Review Scores

  • Weight - 9/10
  • Battery life - 9/10
  • Noise Cancelling - 5/10
  • Music - 5/10
  • Phone calls - 8/10
  • Isolation - 6/10
  • Travel-friendly - 7/10
  • Sports - 4/10
  • Office - 8/10
  • Connectivity - 9/10