Panasonic HT480 Stereo Headphone Review

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation. Panasonic aims to provide a “Better User Experience” to its consumers. These Panasonic HT480 Stereo headphones are what one needs. It is Over the Ear headphone and wired. It comes with a 3.5mm jack cable.

The powerful 50mm drivers deliver a great sound and bass quality. The Wire is solid and adjustable headbands makes it stylish. Ear cups are soft and comfortable.

Soft Cushioned

The ear cups of the headset are very soft. The cushions are so comfortable that it won’t irritate or hurt your ears at all. And you can use it for long hours without any discomfort.

Built-In Mic

This Panasonic stereo headset comes with a built-in mic. The mic quality is pretty much decent for any calls/video calls/facetime etc. The audio transmits properly to the other person you’re talking to.

Carrying Bag

A carrying bag is free with this Panasonic HT480 headphones. This makes it very handy to carry this headphone anywhere when you’re traveling. It takes a somewhat decent space to store.

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What Do We like

Sound And Bass

The sound quality is excellent. It is a little louder than any other headphones. Crisp and Sharp sounds will mesmerize you. The bass quality is almost equivalent to any premium headphones on the market. It will outclass many headset’s basses.

Adjustable Headband

This Panasonic headset comes with adjustable headband. You can adjust it according to your head size so that it fits you properly and makes you comfortable. No more being uncomfortable in longer music sessions.

Build Quality

It is made of suitable quality plastic. The build quality is very sturdy. It is made to last long and be durable. You can even drop it from a safe height, and it won’t break apart.

What We Don’t Like


The headset weighs over 630 grams. After a while, it starts to feel a little heavy on the head. You won’t be able to listen for more than 2-3 hours straight long.


This pocket-friendly budget is good for avid music listeners. Pro gamers might want to stay away from this one. The build quality gives this a premium outlook, soft cushioned ear cups are so comfortable, and headband can be adjusted according to what fits you right. The inbuilt mic is pretty much decent for conversations. This is a good buy.

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Koushik Mondal

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