Noise Shots X3 Bass Truly Wireless Headphone Review

A young brand that is tech-driven and gives the hottest of tech-savvy appliances for its huge Indian base, the noise has a vast range of truly wireless.

The Shots X3 Bass is one of the best truly wireless earphones from Noise that delivers quality service. It is loud and clear. It is crisp sounding and has impressive features to excite you to buy it immediately.

Robust Bass

As the name suggests, the Noise Shots X3 Bass has a fantastic bass. It has a signature heavy bass sound to boost your mood. It will enable listening to low volumes and still having that mighty low-end thump, or you can turn it up and hear the bass drop.

Great style

The Noise Shots X3 Bass earbuds have a clean, minimal design. It stands out without sticking out from ears. It has a magnetic charging case that holds the earbuds. High-end technology and fantastic fashionable look is a much need perk

Battery life

The Noise Shots X3 Bass has 3 hours of battery life per charge. It has more than 10X recharges from the included charging case. So in all, it has up to 30 hours of playtime. It can go up to a week without having to recharge. The charging case has a built-in charge indicator, which helps in seeing how much charge you have remaining.

Stereo voice calling

Are you someone who needs to pick up calls no matter what situation you are in? Don’t worry, the Noise Shots X3 Bass has you covered. With the Noise Shots X3 Bass your voice calls will sound as good as your music with sound in both earbuds. This will help in calling in noisy environments and still hear clearly.

Bluetooth V5.0

The Noise Shots X3 Bass has the latest Bluetooth technology. It pairs faster, has lag-free & dropout-free connections, and more excellent range than ever.

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What Do We like

Voice Assistance

The Noise Shots X3 Bass has the latest voice assistance technology. With just a tap on the earbuds and a simple voice command will give access to super-convenient, built-in support for voice assistants on Android and iOS devices. All of this, so you never have to take the phone out of your pocket.


The Noise Shots X3 Bass has it all to become your next favorite gym buddy. Sweating in heat or walking rain, you have the support of Shots X3 BASS. It has an IPX4 waterproof rating. It makes it sweat-proof and rainproof.

Low profile look

The minimalistic design helps you use the earphones without showing off a lot of taking too much space. They are small yet stylish and do their work with the best of its capacity.

What We Don’t Like

Manual connect

It doesn’t automatically connect each time it is removed from the case. It requires connection manually for every use.


The Noise Shots X3 Bass is cool and convenient. It has voice assistance and robust bass. It is a whole package in one tiny box. With a long-lasting battery and crystal clear sound every day, and everywhere is a party with the Noise Shots X3 Bass.

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Hetavi Rudani

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