Noise Shots Sport True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds Review

Noise is a tech-driven brand, which mainly manufactures the hottest gadgets accessories which look very great in the hands of Indian consumers. The true wireless Bluetooth earphones are specially designed for the sportsperson and active lifestyle activity.

The wireless earphones have a dimension of 3*8*3.5 cm. The battery cell composition of the earphones is made up of the lithium material. The pair of earphones come with a charging case and one USB cable. This earphone is better suited for the people who are engaged in running activities.

Comfortable Fit

The earbuds are designed in a way that perfectly fits in the ears of the user. You do not have to worry about the earbuds from slipping off your ears during work out, especially if you are a sportsperson.

Dual Pairing

The earphones are provided with the multipoint facility, which allows the user to pair up the two devices simultaneously. The earbuds will switch to the call automatically when the user is busy watching a video or a film.

Magnetic Charging

The earphones have a magnetic charging facility. The user only has to put their earbuds into their sleek, anodized aluminum charging case. They snap it magnetically and immediately start charging.


The wireless earbuds earphones come with the monopod capability. The shots sport can be used as two independent monopods.

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What Do We like


The noise shots sport wireless earbuds are rated with IPX4, which means that wireless Bluetooth earbuds are sweatproof and splash-proof. This water resistance facility makes these earphones long-lasting.

In-built mic

The earphones have the built-in mic facility, which allows the user to receive or reject the calls without taking out their phones from the pocket. The earphones also ensure that the user can easily take calls without moving to the device again and again.


The earphones can work very effectively at the Bluetooth range of the 10 meters. They can work at a distance of the 10 meters, which suggests that the user does not have to carry their mobiles everywhere.

What We Don’t Like


Some sound disturbances might be felt, and the link is not continually being in range.


The quality of the mic is not excellent. The user has to talk loudly.


The noise shots sport true wireless earphones have a very fabulous look and are one of the best choices of the sportsperson. The headsets prove to be very good for the sportsman as they are easily fitted in the ears and are comfortable.

The earphones are sweatproof, which means that they are water resistance and can work for a more extended period. The earphones come with an extra pair of earbuds. The earbuds have a dual pairing feature to connect to two devices at a time. They also include a charging case that charges the earbuds.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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