Mivi DuoPods M1 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Mivi is a leading brand that mainly sells cables, chargers, customize and designer cases, tempered glass, power banks, car accessories, and audio products such as earbuds and headphones.

These Mivi Duopod wireless earbuds have dimensions of 11.6*10.8*4.2cm. The earbuds are very comfortable to use and have awesome bass. The earbuds are very attractive in look wise.


Mivi Duopods has a great feature in which either of the earbuds can be used as a Monopod. Converting DuoPods to MonoPods saves battery life too.

Intuitive Touch

The earbuds provide a facility to the user to play, pause, change music, answer and reject the calls, control volume just by tapping on the one intuitive touch interface of the EarPods. The user does not have to move to the music player again and again for all these purposes.

Seamless Connection

The earbuds are fortified with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 BLE. DuoPods M1 wireless earbuds provide a smooth and strong connection up to the 10meter of range along with optimizing the battery.

All-Weather Freedom

The earbuds are rated IPx6, which are dust-free and sweat-free so that they can be used at any time, whether it’s raining or sunny, and nothing can damage it.

Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant like google or Siri are present at the beck and call. The user has to double tap on the wireless earbuds when they need any of the assistants.

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What Do We like

Battery Life

The battery life of the earbuds is good. With one full charge, it lasts up to 6 hours. It comes with a 600mAh charging case. The facility of converting the Duo pods into the Monopods helps in preserving the battery of the earbuds for the longer use.

Built-in Mic

The earbuds have a facility of the inline remote control with a built-in mic, which provides the facility to the user to receive and reject the calls and seamlessly shift between work and play.

Perfect Sound

The Mivi DuoPods M1 Bluetooth earbuds are designs in such a way that the users love it. The earbuds can be used for pure entertainment. The earbuds produce perfect and powerful sound quality in music and calls. It has rocking bass.

What We Don’t Like

Pairing Issue

Sometimes, the user has to face the issue of pairing. Both the earbuds are not able to match at a time. They sometimes are not able to connect.


Mivi Duopods Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are very fabulous as they give a cool look to the uses. The earbuds have the rocking bass, thundering trance, or soothing symphony, which brings life to the music.

The earbuds are wireless; hence, the user does not have to face the problem of tangling of the wire. The earbuds have a longer battery period. The earbuds are so comfortable as it does not cause any kind of pain if used for a longer period.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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