Leaf Buds True Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Earphones Review

The Leaf Buds True Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Earphones enable us to carry music on the go. Its deep bass, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, and noise cancellation feature provide the best user experience.

Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth 4.2 enables secure connectivity for high-quality audio output and nonstop wireless music.

Passive Noise Cancellation

Once the earphones are plugged in, the headset cancels the noise from the surroundings. It ensures the best user experience.


The earphones provide an opportunity for hands-free music and calls on the go. Exercising while wearing the earphones is easy as one does not have to care about the extended wire.

Cordless charging

The earphones need to be placed inside the case for 1 hour for charging. The charging time of 3 hours provides 24 hours of playback time.

Secure fit

The earphones are comfortable and have been designed in a way to ensure a perfect fit for every user. Even after wearing the earphones for long hours, the ears do not hurt because of its soft earplugs.

Smart features

The earphone accepts voice commands. All one has to do is long-press the multi-function button to access OK Google and Hey Siri.

Magnetic charging

Charging the earphones have become super convenient and safe with the magnetic pins attached to the case. The pins keep the earphones attached, preventing them from falling off and getting misplaced.

Single-button functionality

One no more has to press on multiple buttons for music, volume adjustment, or for answering/ending calls. All of this can be controlled through a single button.

IPX5 protection

The IPX5 protection makes the Leaf Buds splash-proof and sweatproof. The water-resistant earphones can also withstand rain.

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What Do We like


The Bluetooth earphones are super light, just weighing 100g. Hence, they can be easily carried around in pockets, bags, and purses.


The earplugs come with  IPX5 protection, which makes the Leaf Buds splash-proof, sweat-proof, and water-resistant. Hence, they are long-lasting. Moreover, you can use them in the rain and during intense workout sessions without the fear of damage.


It is super convenient to use these earphones as the magnetic pins on the case prevent misplacement of the earplugs. All features of the earphones can be controlled through a single button, and wireless music can be heard on the go.


The earbuds are soft and do not hurt the ears even after long hours of usage, and the Leaf Buds are designed to fit all ears. Also, the passive noise cancellation feature cuts the unnecessary noise enables the user to enjoy music without any disturbance.

What We Don’t Like


The earplugs compared to others is a bit more costly, and all cannot afford it.

Connectivity issue

Both the earbuds do not connect. The pairing process with any device is also very time-consuming.


The earplugs are super stylish and the best travel partner as they are light and easily portable. Hence, they provide wireless music on the go. Also, they are water-resistant and have secure Bluetooth connectivity. The earphones accept voice commands making them easy to operate.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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