Leaf Beast Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

Leaf Beast provides wired and Wireless Headphones. This Leaf Beast wireless Bluetooth headphone has an incredible 30 hours of battery life with a standby of a total of 300 hours. It gets charged within 3 hours and comes with inline remote control.

The headphone is very convenient to use and carry anywhere. It comes with soft cushion cups to provide you pain-free music session. The headphone also has an AUX to save you while you are running a low battery with headphones.

Noise isolation

The headphone is ergonomically designed by Leaf to provide you a better experience while traveling. It won’t bleed noise around you when you’re using them while traveling or in public. The headphone has noise isolation that cancels out almost 95% ambient noise around you.

Soft Cushion Cups

The headphone has ultra-soft cushion ear cups. It also has a headband cushion for superior comfort. The headphone ensures that your ears don’t experience any kind of trouble or pain while listening to music for long hours. It’s designed perfectly for long hours use to give you all the comfort.

Sports friendly

Leaf Beast has designed this headphone by thoroughly understanding the importance of listening to music while workout or any other sports. It will be very convenient to use while doing exercise, jogging, running, etc.

Inline remote control

The headphone has an inbuilt Inline remote control to control the volume while listening to music.  It also helps you to talk to people overcall without touching your mobile phone. Siri or Google can be activated now by the touch of a button.

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What Do We like

Wired and Wireless

You can connect the headphone by using Bluetooth. It also has the aux, just in case your headphones ever run low battery.

Deep Bass

Leaf Beast has designed this headphone with massive deep bass. It will give you the feel of thumping bass before heading off to any activity. You can enjoy your music with loud and heavy bass.

Battery Life 30 Hours

The headphone comes with a power-packed Li-ion battery. It provides you a superb battery life of 30 hours of music playback. You will only need to charge it just for 3 hours. The headphone has a 300 hours standby battery duration on one single charge.

What We Don’t Like

Low Bluetooth connectivity

The headphone only connects when it’s in a 2ft range. Also, it didn’t connect properly if the device in the pocket. The headphone needs a straight-way connection to work properly.

Although Leaf Beast is packed with Bluetooth v4.1, it doesn’t have strong connectivity to your device. It didn’t provide a break free connection while listening to music.


Despite low Bluetooth connectivity, the headphone has great sound output. It is worth buying because the quality of the headphone is sturdy, and it looks sleek.

The best part of this headphone is its long battery life ensures you don’t stay out of touch with music whenever required. If you want to enjoy your favorite songs completely, then go for this headphone as it comes with noise isolation.

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Komal Pandey

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