JBL Endurance Jump Wireless in-Ear Headphone Review

JBL is an American company that manufactures audio equipment. JBL Endurance Jump Waterproof Headphones is your ultimate partner when you’re working out. These headphones come with lots of features and are budget-friendly. It makes very powerful sound reproduction and redacts ambient noise and offers outstanding wearing comfort. These headphones are perfect for long listening sessions as they’re guaranteed never to fall out and are lightweight because of the Twistlock and Flexsoft technologies. It also features a Powerhook design that automatically powers your earphones.

IPX7 technology

It features the latest IPX7 technology which makes JBL Endurance Jump an all-season headphones, it is waterproof and designed to used during sports or extreme temperature and is made to last, no matter what elements.

Long Battery life

These wireless headphones allow you to stream up to 8 hours of uninterrupted music sessions without wires tangling and disturbing you, With the battery speed charge, you can charge up your headphones for an hour of usage in just 10 minutes.

Powerhook technology

JBL Endurance Jump are manufactured lightweights and built scientifically and ergonomically to give the best experience to you. It also has Powerhook technology which ensures comfort and stability no matter how badass your workout is.

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What Do We like

Touch control

It Features touch control which allows you to easily manage and control your music, call controlling play and pause, volume and track order with just a simple touch. This simplifies your work and helps you to enjoy your music.


It enables you to listen to your music easily and make calls effortlessly without any hassle and lets you work out with full concentration. Bluetooth technology also enables you to stream up to 8 hours of music uninterrupted.

Latest technology

It automatically turns off/on your headphones while putting them on or off. It also features Twistlock and Flexsoft technologies which makes sure that the headphones are lightweight and ensures stability even during heavy workout sessions and guarantees that the bud won’t fall out ever.

JBL Endurance is a sport type headphone that is not for serious listeners. It is perfect when exercising or running. The bass is okay. This is a perfect sport headphone.

What We Don’t Like

  • The sound quality is not that good. There was some more room for Bass. The treble is very powerful and it overpowers the bass at times. The high treble sound is really annoying.
  • The Microphone is placed on the backside of the headphones which results in noisy input and calls get really noisy at times. The user’s voice cannot be heard properly because of outside interference.


JBL Endurance Jump is a sport headphone that offers a very stable and smooth experience while working out or swimming or just a jogging session. It features a lot of new technology and is priced reasonably. You are going to love this if you like listening to music when you’re working out.

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Maheshwar Ray

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