Boat BassHeads 900 Wired Headphone Review

The Boat is a lifestyle brand based in Mumbai that started just a few years ago in 2016 that deals with fashionable consumer electronics.

The Boat BassHeads 900 is equipped with a 40mm Neodymium driver, which delivers powerful bass and crystal clear vocals. It’s very light and comfortable, fit properly, and foldable, so it takes very little space to store. The bass is mind-boggling, and tangle-free cable won’t let your time go to waste while untangling.

Feather Light

These Boat headphones are light as a feather. They weigh around 150 grams, which is very low for an on-ear headphone. It is also very comfortable for longer listening sessions. You won’t feel that you’re wearing anything at all, and it won’t irritate your ears.


This BassHeads 900 is compact and foldable headphones. You can fold it and store it in someplace to carry it with you. And since it can be folded, it takes very little space to store. Carrying headphones become very easier now.

Snug Fit

This on-ear headphone from Boat comes with swivel ear cups which are very comfortable and fit perfectly to your ears. They don’t come off easily. Neither they are very tight to pain your ears as well. It fits perfectly.

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What Do We like

Extra Bass

This headphone from Boat got this name BassHeads for a reason, right? It has the most powerful bass among these ranged headphones. The powerful 40mm Neodymium drivers deliver the vocal very clearly, and the thumping bass will blow your mind away. This is perfect for bass lovers.

Tangle Free

We spend quite a lot of time while untangling our headphones daily. This Boat BassHeads comes with Tangle resistant cables with a 3.5mm jack. You won’t have to waste your time on them anymore. Just take them out and plugin.


There is a built-in microphone in this headphone. The quality of this mic is pretty much decent. You can have a decent conversation using this headphone.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Cancellation

The mic quality is no doubt excellent in this headphone, but I wouldn’t recommend it for longer conversations. Because this one doesn’t have Noise cancellation.

The person you’ll be talking to will be able to hear all the background noises making the conversation not so decent at all.


The Boat BassHeads is a pretty good product within this price range. It almost has all the features of a premium headphone. It fits perfectly to your ears, comfortable and very lightweight as well.

The tangle-free cable saves you a lot of time, and the bass is extra great. You can’t have enough of this bass. This is a low budget that must buy a headphone for avid music listeners and bass lovers.

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Koushik Mondal

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