Boat Stone 650 Wireless Speaker Review

Boat Stone introduces one of the latest technologies in the wireless world – the Boat Stone 650 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This Bluetooth speaker enables you to easily share your music from your smartphones or tablets as the audio source with friends easily because it comes wireless, therefore establishing a connection with less hassle.

If you want a speaker that consumes low power, you should consider this Bluetooth speaker since it is power efficient. It can function through the power batteries. This low power consumption advantage makes them ideal for everyday use.

HD Sound

This Bluetooth speaker from Boat Stone offers you a loud and clear sound with its 10 watts dual speaker. The speaker features a dual-driver setup, with two 5W speakers laid out in stereo setup to give you that total dynamic HD sound.

Great Bass

It has a bass radiator that produces a clear and booming sound for an extremely party-rock experience. It has a subwoofer to enhance the low-frequency range of the speaker.

Rechargeable Battery

You can charge this device through its Micro-USB port. Through its 7-hour average battery life, you can now maximize using this speaker from Boat Stone. This device has a 1800mAh battery backup to ensure that you can boost its usage.

This is way more than the battery life of any other Bluetooth speakers in the market. It is fast charging, so no need to worry about waiting too long.

Commendable Design

This speaker is made from high-quality materials to make sure that you’ll have the best quality for your hard-earned money.

This speaker has an IPX design for waterproof and shockproof protection. It is made from the smooth silicon-coated finish on sides and dotted diamond-shaped mesh for that modern design to fit your style. It is built to suit your active lifestyle because you can bring it wherever you want to

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What Do We like

Compatibility and Connectivity

This speaker comes with onboard controls that let you navigate the product. The easy access control is also integrated to allow you to change the mode of this speaker. If your source is not Bluetooth compatible, then you can connect it through its AUX input. The mode is interchangeable from AUX to wireless, or vice versa. This also comes with an SD card slot. This speaker also can easily be paired with almost all types of devices that use Bluetooth connectivity.

In-Built Mic

This speaker comes with an in-built mic that enables you to take your calls while using this speaker, and your smartphone is paired via Bluetooth. It is very convenient to maximize your phone’s use but not interrupting the compatibility of the speaker and your phone as the audio source. With only a single press of the button, you can answer or reject the call.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were observed


The Boat Stone 650 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker offers you a premium audio experience. This is versatile to fit your music needs. If you want to listen to music outdoors or just use it while relaxing on your day out with the family, these are must-haves. This is a great deal if you want to have a speaker that can be handy for your activities outside the home.

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