Boat Stone 260 Portable Bluetooth Speakers Review

Take your favorite music with you and listen anytime and anywhere you want with this Stone 260 Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Boat. This speaker lets you share your tunes with family and friends with ease.

With just one press of a button, you can easily stream music. This is perfect for bringing in your outdoor activities and parties because of its sleek design without compromising the sound quality.

Speed up your music streaming without any interruption with this very affordable Bluetooth and experience a whole new level of party-rocking.

Commendable Design

Boat Stone 260 is IPX5 waterproof and shockproof to ensure that your product is protected. Still, the quality of your activities are not compromised because it is specifically designed to suit your outdoor lifestyle.

Whether you go swimming, camping, hiking, or cycling, this speaker works best. You can bring it wherever you want to. It is made from durable silicone with a rubber matte finish to ensure that you get a durable and sturdy speaker that is protected from dust and water.

Battery Life

You can now enjoy 4-5 hours of use of this Bluetooth speaker with 9 hours of talk time through its 1000mAh built-in battery. This is longer compared to an average portable speaker.

This battery is rechargeable and can take up to only 2 hours to fully charge. It is fast charging, so no need to worry about waiting too long.

HD Sound

This Bluetooth speaker from Boat Stone offers you a loud and clear sound with its 4 watts stereo speaker. The speaker functions to provide an extra powerful bass, which can be suitable for a 500-600 square feet room. It has a bass radiator that produces a clear and booming sound for an extremely party-rock experience.

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What Do We like

Compatibility and Connectivity

This speaker comes with on-body buttons that let you navigate the product. The easy-access controls, such as the power, volume, and play/pause, are integrated to make it more convenient for you to control the speaker.

This speaker also can easily be paired with almost all types of devices that use Bluetooth connectivity.

In-Built Mic

This speaker comes with an in-built mic that enables you to answer your calls while using this speaker, and your smartphone is paired via Bluetooth. By just merely pressing one of the buttons, you can either answer or reject an incoming call hands-free.  It is very convenient to maximize your phone’s use but not interrupting the compatibility of the speaker and your phone as the audio source.

What We Don’t Like

Limited Range

This Bluetooth speaker has only a wireless range of up to 10 meters. You need to have your audio source near your speaker to prevent interruption of the sound compared to other Bluetooth speakers with a wider wireless range to maximize the device’s use.


Considering the quality of music, battery life, and the overall design of this device, Boat Stone 260 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is such a great steal. This speaker produces good audio output that is perfect for your outdoor activities or gatherings with family and friends, where a loud sound is needed.

You can easily bring it along with you because it has a sleek and compact design that you can easily carry. It is also lightweight, a great option for those who want adventures.

If you are looking for an affordable Bluetooth speaker with great specs, this device from Boat Stone will do you a favor. It does not only provide you with good sound quality, but also, it offers you that trendy look with its funky design.

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