Boat Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Are you looking for a perfect Bluetooth speaker with a loud and clear sound but has a limited budget?  Boat Stone introduces the Boat Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker. This Bluetooth speaker has a great design and is a great deal for its price. This is perfect for your outdoor activities, parties, or even just for home use. The Boat Stone 1000 is not your ordinary speaker.

This is a Bluetooth speaker that offers you the quality of sound that worthy of your every penny. This speaker is perfect for filling your room with loud music.

Monstrous Sound

This Bluetooth speaker from Boat Stone offers you a loud and clear sound with its 14 watts dual speaker. This produces louder bass to provide a clear and booming sound for an extremely party-rock experience.

Rechargeable Battery

You can now maximize the use of this speaker because it has a rechargeable battery, which can last up to 10 hours of usage with 20-hour talk time. Such a great deal for that quality experience.

The battery capacity is 3000mAh with a power of 24W. You can charge it up to 4 hours to ensure you can boost its usage. It is fast charging, so no need to worry about waiting too long.

Commendable Design

This speaker was made to last. It is IPX5 waterproof and shockproof to ensure that your product is protected but not compromising the quality of your activities. It is built to suit your active lifestyle because you can bring it wherever you want to.

It comes with a handle for a better grip while traveling or using it outdoors. It is made from durable silicone with a rubber matte finish and a front metal grill that is sturdy enough to ensure total protection of the product.

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What Do We like

Compatibility and Connectivity

This speaker comes with onboard controls that let you navigate the product. It also has a mode button to let you change the mode of this speaker. If your source is not Bluetooth compatible, then you can connect it through its 3.5 mm AUX input.

The mode is interchangeable from AUX to wireless, or vice versa. This speaker also can easily be paired with almost all types of devices that use Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth Range

You can now easily stay connected with this Bluetooth speaker through its 11-meter connectivity range. This is very convenient, especially for those using their smartphones or tablets as the audio source.

What We Don’t Like

Bulky and Heavy

This speaker weighs 1.5kg, which makes it hassle and harder to carry, especially when using it outdoors. If you want a speaker for your camping or hiking activities, then you might consider other lighter speakers available. This is not the best option if you are looking for a more portable speaker.


Sound Distortion

Cranking the speaker at higher volume levels tend to distort the quality of its sound. If you are looking for a high quality of bass sound, this is not the best option. This is only good for parties or outdoor activities.


The Boat Stone 1000 is perfect for those who want a low-cost speaker that does well, especially on parties or outdoor activities, because it produces loud sounds. However, if you are particular with the quality of bass, you might consider other variants or brands. But, if your main purpose is to have a speaker on the go for your outings and size or weight is not an issue, this speaker is a great option.

This speaker gives you great value for the price you pay. If you are up for a livelier ambiance at your party or activities, you should put this on your must-have list.

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